The most valuable asset of your company is the hidden power of your logo

We all know that color has a powerful effect on us humans, and if you aren’t using them to enhance the your logo, you should be. The most powerful logos in the world are deceptively simple in appearance and didn’t happen by accident.

Do you remember what age you were when you recognized your first logo? The attached infographic gives us a brief outline of how logos tag us subconsciously and how early in the beginning stages of our life, we begin to recognize and recall logos and connect them with the brands they represent. Red means active, yellow is energetic, blue is reliable and purple is associated with the luxury of royalty. What does the color of your logo say to your potential customers? Read the infographic below and find out!

Big Business Logos: How Companies Like Pepsi or Google Use The Power Of Logos

Created by Alex Hillsberg and Originally published at See our Google+



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