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Ally IAlice Phillips AKA What’s for Dinner? Ally’s Kitchen, is a true renaissance woman and darling of the foodie world. She flits and flies over the foodie blogs at high speed and with agility that I have come to know uniquely as Alice. Sprinkling good cheer and kind words to all she comes across, she draws inspiration from the other cooks as well as tossing tremendous ideas right back at them.

Alice’s posts each day on her blog are filled with cuisine creations that make the mouth water and her dishes are unique as she tends to cook outside the lines. Alice’s signature “Bohemian Bold” style is a culmination of an adventurous spirit, a creative soul and an imagination that craves to explore new cuisines and combinations. I find this label tends to describe her outlook on her entire lifestyle, not just her work in the kitchen.

ally bookAlly’s adventures have taken her around the globe and her cuisine is a direct reflection of her culinary journey. We have watched, read, jotted down and printed out her delicious recipes and now, we are delighted that cooking with Ally has become even simpler. Ally has just published a culmination of her beautiful and most delicious recipes!

Ally’s Kitchen, a passport of adventurous palates is finished and it’s everything we thought it would be. Honest, passionate, delectable and keeping true to her true Boho fashion, this cookbook is a cultural masterpiece.

Pan seared flounder with fresh herb tomatoes
Pan seared flounder with fresh herb tomatoes

Exquisite photography accompanies each luscious recipe and pages are filled with personal anecdotes. This book  gives us a deep glimpse into Ally’s magic carpet world and whisks us around the globe delving into distant cultures, while keeping our feet planted firmly at home in our own kitchens.

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5 thoughts on “Tour the world with Ally’s Kitchen

  1. Karie! My fairy godmother of the grand foodie universe! You know I follow you like a stalker, and to open my email, see your new post and it’s about me and my cookbook just makes me KNOW you are a fairy godmother! Thank you!! This is simply beautiful, special and so much appreciated…you’re a dear dear friend, and when our worlds intersected in cyberspace I knew you’d be a real special luv! xo ~peace & namaste~ ally

  2. Karie, it was a pleasure to read your review. You’ve captured the essence of what Ally’s “magic carpet ride” is all about — in the kitchen and in life! Thank you.

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