Sullivan Farms Expands Vegan Product Line with Bourbon Flavored Mustard

img_7974Sullivan Farms, the new company started by actress Alyson Sullivan, is launching new healthier mustards with revolutionary ingredients this month.

The debut of their two new flavors, Brown Ale and Smokey, are a great addition to their already successful Original Sweet & Spicy that has been used a dip, a marinade, a dressing and a spread.  All three flavors are now creamier and more luscious with their new ingredient, organic coconut oil.

Coming in 2017, new Bourbon flavored mustard.

“While other mustard’s on the market are thickening their mustard’s with eggs, butter and wheat, we have found that superfood non GMO Coconut Oil and plant based thickeners that are actually good for you are perfect to enhance the texture of our mustard”, says owner and founder Alyson Sullivan.  “It was paramount to us to bring amazing bold and bright flavors while not excluding consumers with allergies and other specific dietary needs.”

img_7877“Cooking has been a passion of mine for the past twenty years. The wide eyes and smiles I get when people eat my food and especially this mustard, that’s what feeds and drives me to make it better and something innovative. Coming up with new flavors and finding never before used ingredients to enhance my mustard’s with my family has been so much fun! Creating a new take on an old school condiment like Mustard has been one of the most fun challenges I’ve ever tackled. I’m so proud to reinvigorate this old school condiment and to have brought it to a wider audience of consumers with its balance of flavors and Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free ingredients,” says Sullivan.

While the Brown Ale contains a high end ale and is not gluten free, we can proudly say that our other flavors are now gluten free as well as dairy and soy free making them the tastiest vegan mustard’s available.  “Most consumers don’t realize that the Sweet & Spicy Mustards on the market use wheat and animal products to thicken their mustards so we’re proud to have found a way to that’s good for your body AND your taste buds!”

Sullivan Farms mustard is now sold online and in fine Gourmet Shops near you.

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Chef and Owner of Sullivan Farms Mustard has been cooking up her delights for a few decades and added her Mustard line after being inspired by a family recipe generously shared with her years ago. Since then she’s brought the mustard into the 2000’s fulfilling the needs of many with allergies and ethical food requirements while sacrificing none of the flavor. A Vegetarian and sometimes pescatarian herself for many years, Alyson has found a way to enhance foods that are lacking in fat and often times flavor with her three flavors bursting with a Sweet & Spicy that is unmatched by any other. “I love people. I love large gatherings of friends and family and cooking for them and watching their eyes light up when they taste my food.” “It’s a similar effect as when I’m acting and the audience responds with pleasure.” While Alyson still acts she finds the passion for creating Mustard and adding new flavors to her line another equally gratifying outlet for her creative juices. Feeding people healthy, high quality Organic and Fair Trade food is another way she can show her desire to add some positivity to the world. Cooking it in small batches and overseeing the process every step of the way is what makes this family business a winner.  Stay in touch with Sullivan Farms family and keep an eye out for their new Bourbon Flavored Mustard which should hit shelves by early 2017


Alyson Sullivan, Owner and Founder of Sullivan Farms, is a fifth generation Hollywood Hills California native. Having acted since the age of eight, Alyson has appeared in numerous National Commercials, TV shows and films. After starring as the Yellow Power Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002, she and her Mother Juliet opened up a women’s gym in Hollywood where she found her love for caring for and inspiring women to be stronger and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s there that she first began selling her mustard to her clientele. Cooking Mustard had begun years’ prior when a family member had shared the recipe with her, but it’s then that Alyson began experimenting with ways to make the mustard more available to those with food allergies and restrictions. A longtime lover of cooking, Alyson used her knowledge of food and flavors to substitute the eggs and butter once used in the mustard to elevate the condiment to a more shelf stable, delicious and better for the body delight. She still lives in Los Angeles with her drummer husband Gary and their eight animals. While cooking the mustards in small batches with her family she is also prepping to star in two features which should be released by the end of 2017.


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