now featuring c lili designs hand-crafted soaps and beauty line


We are happy to announce a partnership with C Lili Designs beauty line for basil & salt. Our introductory fragrances are simple (of course) and smell absolutely delicious. We look forward to bringing you 2 to 4 “signature” scents on a regular basis with seasonal bars sprinkled throughout the year. Look for our companion candle series in the very near future.

Please note, due to the hand-crafted nature of our soap, color shades an swirl styles may vary slightly. See shipping rates below.
Each bar is $9.50 ea.

Learn to make your own ~ our DIY hand-crafted soap series is almost ready to launch. Stay tuned!

Our “debut” line-up

Cinnamon Creme Latte
Spicy cinnamon sticks with the delicious aroma of coffee. Coffee grounds have been added for light exfoliation.

Ground Mocha Cafe
Luscious chocolate fragrance is enhanced by strong coffee aroma. Coffee grounds have been added for light exfoliation.

Pumpkin Pie
This delectable fragrance is made for fall. One whiff and you’re whisked to cool, crisp mornings and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.

Cranberry & Rosemary Spice Guest bathrooms everywhere need this gem for the holiday season. Your friends and family will love it!  Freshly picked cranberries with the hint of clove, cinnamon and rosemary.

Candy Cane
Beautiful red and white swirls are filled with sweet peppermint fragrance. Gift giving just became a bit more festive!

Order our hand-crafted soap here.


Shipping (Hand-Crafted Bar Soap only)
1 to 5 bars, a flat ship rate of $1.99
6 to 10 bars, a flat ship rate of $3.99
11 + bars, a flat ship rate of $5.99

That’s right, order up to 5 bars of soap and shipping is only $1.99. And so on, and so on…