When the grape plants start to go dormant, how long does it take for the leaves to fall off? Ask a Winemaker Wednesday

We had a great question come through the DM this last week regarding the vineyard.

by Marty and Ryan Johnson

Join us each Wednesday as we share Marty and Ryan Johnson’s answers to their, “Ask a Winemaker Wednesday” over at Ruby Magdalena Vineyards.

“When the grape plants start to go dormant, how long does it take for the leaves to fall off”?

Well, that depends on mother nature. There are many variables playing a role here.

The biggest factor is temperature. The leaves will really begin to fall after the first really cold snap or frost. Another factor is water. If the plant is still actively growing, the petioles don’t dry out (senesce) and will hold on a bit longer.

And one more thing, is the chemical compounds in the vascular system. The more active the production and transport of nutrients that are still going on, the longer the leaves will remain.

The colors of the leaves as they progress while entering dormancy are dependent on nutrient levels in the sap which lead to complete nutrient levels (carotenoids and anthocyanins) in the leaves so the leaves will have all of the pigment compounds in them, as one compound after another gradually leaves the leaves 😉

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Photographs | Ruby Magdalena Vineyards

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