A basil & salt quick bite – escape the winter blues with a fresh thriller by Audrey Destin

Exhausted after the holidays, readers are looking for something fresh. The Vegetarian and Her Hunter delivers a flavorful punch for the tired palate.

Bleary-eyed and bored, after the excitement of the holidays has worn off, readers are looking to their bookshelves and TBRs for something fresh. Luckily The Vegetarian and Her Hunter from Comava Press is just the kind of adventure their tastebuds are after.

“The pacing is fast, and I was able to consume the whole book in one sitting. I just couldn’t put it down.”

Alicia: NetGalley, Reviewer

The Vegetarian and Her Hunter is a mother-daughter thriller that addresses modern topics important to women. When a daughter goes missing, it’s time to go hunting. A cross-genre women’s fiction thriller that spins a story of strength in women as the roles of predator and prey are defined and redefined and the underlying questions of morality run wild.

The Vegetarian and Her Hunter hardcover

“I felt as though I was there in the mother’s hunt. It made me sad, mad, and everything in-between.” -Sarra: Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a book with a very powerful message – to both mothers and teenage girls.” -Allison Glasgow: NetGalley Reviewer

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