Take the guesswork out of home maintenance with this handy new app

Manage your home like a pro.

There was a surge of first-time homeowners in 2020 and whether they purchased a home to escape a city, gain a remote work space or a yard for their kids, these new homeowners all have one thing in common: they must navigate the complexities of home maintenance.

With this in mind, Upkept by Consumer Reports was recently launched to help homeowners maintain their homes inside and out. The new app makes it simple to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it all when it comes to keeping a home in its best shape for years to come.

The challenging home buying market of 2021 has resulted in 72% of first-time buyers planning to buy a home in 2022 (Realtor.com,), and 76% of first-time home buyers are millennials and Gen Z. These generations rely on their smartphones and apps for key areas of their lives, and Upkept is a smart tool to help ensure that their investment is maintained and protected.

Users can add items in their home— from the floors to the roof and everything in between— and get instant maintenance plans called “Upkeeps.” These plans allow users to do the right work at the right time with automatically planned schedules and reminders. There’s no remembering required, because Upkept helps people stay on top of tasks. Upkept also labels tasks to let homeowners know if it is a task they can complete or if they should call in a pro.

Upkept is an all-in-one app for maintaining your home inside and out. Made especially for first-time or new homeowners, Upkept takes the mystery out of home maintenance, notifying users of what and when tasks need to be done, as well as how to do them. As a result, the app protects one of consumers’ greatest assets, their home, for years to come.

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Add your things, get tailor-made plans

  • The hardest part of home maintenance is knowing what to do.
  • Add items to your digital Home Hub and Upkept creates an instant plan to keep each one in tip-top shape for years to come.
  • Add anything that needs maintenance, from the floors to the roof, and all the appliances and systems in between.

Automatic reminders

Enjoy home maintenance on autopilot.
Stay on top of tasks without needing to
remember the what or when.

Easy organization

Track everything in one place. Upload
receipts, keep track of parts, and
add repair notes— all in your Home Hub.

Guided goals

Build smart habits, see your progress, and group tasks together with goals that help you stay motivated and get more done.

How it Works

  1. Users can select any of 250 maintenance tasks that cover 50 items in their home— from the floors to the roof and everything in between— and they will receive instant maintenance plans called, “Upkeeps”. Additionally, Upkept allows users to add multiples of any item should a user have two refrigerator units, multiple toilets, faucets and more.
  2. Each Upkeep plan provides homeowners with tasks to do, and at the appropriate time, by providing automatic planned schedules and reminders. Upkept does all the remembering.
  3. Users can see how much time and money to budget per Upkeep, what tools they may need, and decide whether they can tackle it themselves or call in a pro.

Key Features

  • Home Hub – A digital snapshot of your home and items within it. One place to add and track all your home systems and appliances, including receipts, parts, warranties plus repair notes.
  • Instant Maintenance Plans – Add anything in your home that needs maintenance and Upkept instantly creates an Upkeep maintenance plan for each one.
  • Upkeep plans are categorized into three skill levels: Basic, Advanced, or Pro
  • Basic Upkeeps can be done by most homeowners, even DIY beginners; these tend to be shorter tasks and they usually don’t require special tools.
  • Advanced Upkeeps can be DIY tasks, depending on the users’ level of experience. These might take more time, require special tools, or have special considerations; like needing to climb up on a roof.
  • Pro Upkeeps require a professional to do the tasks. These are usually related to servicing complex home systems, like a heater or water boiler, that require specialized experience or licensing. In situations where you have safety concerns, we always recommend that you call a professional.

Where to Find it

The great news is you can give it a test run for 30 days with a free trial.
Upkept is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

After the 30-day free trial, Upkept is $4.99 per month to access personalized
Upkeep plans and reminders, home organization tools, and step-by-step how-tos.

Additional Info

  • Automatically Planned Tasks – This is a smart to-do list customized to the user’s unique home. Upkept builds a tailored program, automatically scheduling maintenance plan tasks to pop up throughout the year, so you always do the right work at the right time.
  • DIY How-tos – Confidently tackle any DIY task with step-by-step how-tos from the trusted folks at Consumer Reports. This area includes how much time and money to budget, what tools you need, and ultimately, helps users decide to tackle it themself or call a professional.
  • Automatic Reminders – Upkept keeps users on track remembering what to do and when.
  • Guided Goals – Build smart habits, group tasks together and see progress to help users stay motivated and get more accomplished.

About Upkept

  • Upkept is created by Consumer Reports, the nonprofit research, testing and consumer advocacy organization, as an all-in-one app to maintain a home inside and out, and keep it in its best shape.
  • Upkept’s mission is to help people protect their greatest asset and biggest investment, their home.

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