The U.S. states that spend the most money on dining out

Washington DC spends the most on dining out, a new study shows.

  • Washington DC is where diners spend the most
  • New Jersey and Massachusetts are second and third
  • Most states in the top ten are on the east coast

The study, conducted by meal kit comparison site Meal Delivery Experts, analyzed the average amount that households in each US state spend on dining out per year and compared them to find out which state spends the most.

The District of Columbia comes out on top, with its average household spending more than $6,000 dollars every year, which corresponds to $116 a week.

This might be due to its position as capital of the country, where quality of life is expected to be more expensive in every aspect.

Second on the list is New Jersey, where dining out costs each household $4,918 a year, resulting in a spending of $94.59 per week. This is considerably lower than first placed DC, but less than $100 more than the state in third place.

Massachusetts comes in third with $4,833 per year, $92.95 per week, while Maryland is fourth with an average of $4,780 per year spent by households on dining out, corresponding to $91.92 per week.

California closes the top five, and along with Hawaii at 9th place and Washington in at number 10, they are the only two other states in the top 10 that are outside of the East Coast. Californian households spend an average of $4,739 on meals away from home each year, which corresponds to $91.13 spent each week.

A spokesperson for Meal Delivery Experts commented on the findings: “It is fascinating to see how so many of the states that appear in the top 20 are located on the East Coast.

“Washington DC stands out, with the average household in the district spending $1,000 more than any other state in the US on dining out each year. This data also demonstrates the significant amount of money that people could save if they cut back on restaurant dining. Reducing dining out by even just one quarter could save a lot of households more than a thousand dollars a year.”

The analysis was conducted by, which analyzes, reviews, and compares meal kit providers in the US.


Data sourced from United States Census Bureau

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