Are you obsessed with ‘The Last of Us’? You’re not alone

Washington ranks no. 3 as a state most obsessed with ‘The Last of Us’ 

  • New study reveals Washington to be the third state most obsessed with The Last of Us in the country. 
  • New York and Massachusetts are ahead on the list in interest for The Last of Us.
  • California ranks as the fourth most interested state in the country for the HBO series and game.

Washington is the state third most obsessed with the hit show The Last of Us series and popular action-adventure video game in America, a new study has shown.  

The research, carried out by online gaming experts at, analyzed Google keywords planner data for various search terms associated with The Last of Us TV series and the video game in the United States. These terms were then combined to give each state a ‘total search score’ per 100,000 people to discover which states have been loving The Last of Us over the last 12 months.  

Washington has a total search score of 753 and therefore ranks as the third most interested state in The Last of Us. The state has also shown an interest in the video game, particularly on the PlayStation 5 console. Due to the TV series currently trending, searches for it far outnumber those for the game. There are high search volumes for “The Last of Us TV series” in Washington, suggesting a strong interest in the show. While the popularity of the video game cannot be ignored, it appears that the TV series is being searched for more at this moment in time. 

The study revealed that Massachusetts ranks number one on the list, displaying the highest interest in The Last of Us with a total search score of 801. Massachusetts ranked the highest in its population searching for the terms ‘The Last of Us’, ‘The Last of Us HBO’ and ‘The Last of Us TV’. Massachusetts also had high interest in the action-adventure gaming version of the series, with the highest searches for the PS4 version of the game in America. 

New York is the second most interested state in The Last of Us. With a total search score of 765, the state demonstrated a significant level of interest in the series, especially through its streaming platform, HBO. New Yorkers are actively searching for “HBO The Last of Us,” showing a clear desire to watch the show. As well as this, the state has also shown interest in the video game itself, particularly the sequel, ‘The Last of Us Part II.’

The state of California also ranks as one of America’s states most interested in The Last of Us, placing fourth overall. With a total search score of 747, California ranked high on the list in searches for the game versions of the franchise. Californians are searching for ‘The Last of Us game’ and ‘The Last of Us PS5’ more than any other states. 

Rounding out the top five is Oregon, with a total search score of 746. Oregon ranks high in interest for the show, placing third in searches for ‘The Last of Us show’ and ‘The Last of Us TV series.’ 

Colorado is the sixth state most obsessed with The Last of Us, with a total search score of 694. Colorado state citizens expressed high interest in the series, two of the highest search terms its population are searching for are “The Last of Us HBO” and “The Last of Us TV series.”

In the seventh position in the rankings is Nevada, with a total search score of 667. Nevada is highly interested in The Last of Us part II video game, the sequel was released in 2020 and was praised for its improved gameplay, graphics and storytelling. 

Illinois places eighth in the rankings, with the state in the top five in searches for ‘The Last of Us Part II’. This helps the state’s search score of 666

The ranking reveals Arizona is the ninth in interest for The Last of Us, with a total search score of 647. Amongst the highest search terms were ‘HBO The Last of Us’ and ‘The Last of Us TV series.’

The tenth state in the rankings and rounding up the list of states obsessed with the franchise is Virginia with a total search score of 646. The state is primarily expressing interest in the TV series. 

A spokesperson from commented on the findings: “The data presented reveals the widespread popularity of the new hit TV series “The Last of Us.” However, the study also emphasizes that the original video game version of the series remains a beloved source of entertainment and should not be overlooked. Despite the show’s success, it is clear that the game has a dedicated fan base that continues to enjoy and engage with the franchise.”

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