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Indulge in the Essence of Summer: Unveiling our Top 3 Rosé picks for the Season

Summer is the time to bask in the sunshine and relish in the joys of life, and what better way to do so than with a glass of exquisite rosé wine? Rosé has become a beloved staple of the season, offering refreshing and vibrant flavors that perfectly complement warm weather and outdoor gatherings. In this article, we invite you to embark on a delightful journey through our picks for the top 3 summer rosés, revealing the wineries, and a touch of history that make each bottle a true treasure.

  1. Rosé de Provence – Château Miraval

Originating from the renowned region of Provence in the south of France, Château Miraval’s Rosé de Provence reigns supreme as one of the most sought-after rosés in the world. This winery has an intriguing history, once owned by Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. However, it is the expertise of the Perrin family, owners of Château de Beaucastel, which ensures the wine’s exceptional quality. With delicate aromas of wildflowers and a crisp, mineral-driven palate, this rosé enchants the senses, making it the perfect accompaniment to summer salads, grilled seafood, or simply enjoyed on its own.

  1. Whispering Angel – Château d’Esclans

Hailing from the enchanting vineyards of Côtes de Provence, Château d’Esclans’ Whispering Angel is another outstanding rosé that has taken the world by storm. Spearheaded by Sacha Lichine, this winery has elevated the perception of rosé to new heights. Whispering Angel entices with its pale pink hue, captivating floral notes, and a symphony of ripe red berries. Its light and elegant profile make it an ideal choice for summer soirées, pairing effortlessly with grilled vegetables, Mediterranean dishes, or simply as an aperitif to savor alongside good company.

  1. Meiomi Rosé – Meiomi Wines

While France may be the cradle of rosé, the United States has also made its mark on the world stage with impressive offerings. Meiomi Wines, situated in California’s esteemed coastal regions, presents the Meiomi Rosé, a delightful expression of West Coast winemaking finesse. Crafted by acclaimed winemaker Melissa Stackhouse, this rosé showcases the richness of Pinot Noir grapes, striking a harmonious balance between ripe strawberry and vibrant citrus flavors. With its luscious texture and lingering finish, Meiomi Rosé elevates any summer gathering, whether paired with grilled meats, creamy cheeses, or enjoyed as a standalone indulgence.

A History Snap-Shot

Rosé wine has a long and storied history, dating back centuries to ancient times. It is believed that the Greeks were among the first to produce rosé, using a process known as maceration, where grape skins remain in contact with the juice for a short period. This method imparts the delicate pink color and imparts a hint of tannin to the wine.

Over time, rosé became popular throughout the Mediterranean region, with Provence emerging as a particularly influential area for its production. By the 19th century, rosé wine had gained popularity worldwide, becoming a symbol of elegance and leisure. Today, winemakers around the globe embrace the art of rosé production, crafting an array of styles to satisfy diverse palates.

As we break into summer, treat yourself to the pleasure of at least one of the top 3 summer rosés. Whether you prefer the allure of French classics or the allure of American innovation, these exceptional wines will transport you to a realm of sun-kissed vineyards and everlasting bliss. Celebrate the season by raising your glass to the symphony of flavors and the beauty of rosé wine. Cheers to a summer filled with unforgettable moments!

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