Fido’s Festive Fashion: Dog Sweaters Demand Soars as Owners Prepare for Christmas Cheer

PetLab Co. Reveals Surging Interest in Canine Couture and Expert Advice for a Stress-Free Dress-Up

As the mercury dips, dog lovers are turning to cozy knits for their four-legged friends—But it’s not just about style; pet wellbeing takes the spotlight with top tips from The PetLab Co.’s very own Christopher Masanto on how to keep tail-wags high during the holiday wardrobe updates.

The festive spirit is wagging its way into canine closets, with Google Trends data curated by The PetLab Co. highlighting a remarkable 1,112% jump in the hunt for the perfect ‘dog sweater’ as winter draws in. This flurry of fashion-forward thinking also sparkles across social media, where a staggering 47.3 million TikTok views celebrate pups in their festive garb.

We all love seeing how adorable our dogs look dressed up, and its great owners think of their pets as part of the family.  However, some dogs may not feel the same love for their outfit as we do. Dressing up may even cause some of our pets to become stressed and anxious, especially if they’ve never worn anything similar before.  

Christopher Masanto, co-founder and CEO of The PatLab Co.

The trend underscores a blend of care and camaraderie among pet owners, who are bundling up their buddies not just for warmth, but also for the ‘aww’-inducing effect of matching Christmas sweaters. It’s all about prepping your pooch for that paw-fect family Christmas card.

Yet, amid the festive fun, Christopher Masanto, the co-founder and CEO of The PetLab Co., chimes in with a gentle reminder for responsible revelry. Dressing up should never come at the cost of comfort, as he notes that some canine companions might not share our zeal for seasonal attire, with signs of stress such as whimpering, excessive panting, or itching being key red flags.

“If you’re planning to dress up your furry friend this festive season, there are some signs of stress you may want to look out for, including: 

  • Whimpering 
  • Excessive panting 
  • Rubbing or; 
  • Scratching 

“This may be caused by discomfort associated with parts of their outfit or sensory overload caused by a new sensation. If you notice these signs, it may be time to lose the outfit.  

Masanto’s advice? Start by creating a tranquil retreat for Rover—a sanctuary where they can shake off any outfit-induced anxiety. Whether it’s their favorite sleeping spot or a cozy nook on the couch, ensure it’s a peaceful haven. After all, while the holiday spirit is infectious, our pet’s happiness remains paramount. This thoughtful balance promises a holiday season filled with joy and jingle bells, minus the jitters, for our furry family members.

Data Source: The PetLab Co.

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