Thrills and Chills

Seasonal decorating is not only fun, in my house it is a necessity.  With the darker, cooler days getting ready to sweep in we need to update with the deeper, warmer hues and more festive tones.  By festive of course, I mean witches, ghouls and goblins.  Yes, I begin with pumpkins, hay bales and cornstalks, but in the back of my mind I am setting the stage for future chills and thrills.  There are a few websites that you can go poking around in for some great ideas and perhaps even make a few purchases.  Once you have seen a few vignettes you may be surprised how you will take the best of everything you have seen and create one amazing visualization that is all your own.

Grandinroad is a great site to get some amazing ideas bubbling around in your head. is of course one of my favs as you have seen throughout our time here together.

Martha Stewart Halloween has ideas that I swear will knock your socks off, the witch pumpkins are my favorite. has some great ideas and little mummy cupcakes that would please little goblins has the most glamorous witch cupcakes you will ever see.

Celebrating Home Tricks and Treats

Good luck with creating your very own spook central ~ if you have ideas, tips, tricks, recipes, other sites or questions ~ we would be delighted if you would share them with us.

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