4 Simple Design Ideas to bring Fall Indoors

autumn-large (2)Each year autumn in the Pacific Northwest seems to appear out of nowhere.   Late August and early September laze into the end of summer with temperatures well into the high seventy’s to low eighty’s.  Suddenly the marine layer wafts in to shore and just like that, summer has disappeared.

The early morning fog and light drizzle only adds to my enthusiasm for the this time of year.   Mother Nature’s colors are deeper, richer and the air is tinged with smell of fireplaces chasing the morning chill from neighborhood homes.

healthy-fruits-health-apples-largeMy thoughts immediately turn to robust,  flavorful foods and I pull cookbooks and begin jotting down notes for seasonal recipes.  The kitchen this week is smelling of cinnamon, cooked apples and pumpkin.  The aromas are heavier this time of year and our decorating hues are mimicking the colors of the foods we cook in the fall.  The browns, yellows, oranges, reds and deep forest greens bring our decor in to the season of autumn.

As much as I would love to change the color of our walls with every change in the weather, this really is not practical.  Fortunately, there are many small changes we can make to update our homes to reflect each season of the year.


color-paint-palette-wall-painting-mediumOne of my first projects when the sun takes its rest behind  grey clouds, is to remove spring and summer accessories, bag them and exchange them for their warmer hued counterparts.  Deep red and orange throws decorate my sofa and bed, while dark brown and forest green pillows accent the rooms.   The change is immediate, low-cost and these items are small and easily moved from room to room.

The kitchen is next with more color changes.  I put away the brightly colored kitchen towels and chair pads and like the other rooms take my cue from Mother Nature’s color wheel and bring in deeper, warmer shades.


DIY NetworkSmaller accessories play a strong part in the change as well and looking outdoors for inspiration I think about how to bring some of that inside.  Cornstalks and scarecrows stand out in the fields and  we move them beautifully on to our the front porches this time of year. Using the same concept inside of our homes,  squirrels, nuts, pumpkins, oak leafs, wheat and crows all play a strong role in my interior decor for autumn.

candlelightThe final change that I make each year is fragrance.  Candles and wax melts with a heavier aroma imbued with cinnamon, clove, pumpkin and apple, tinged with a hint of vanilla.  The candles are not only pleasing to the senses, they are autumnal hued as well and are great visual accessories.   The one final tip I will leave you with is to light your candles.  Your dwelling will come alive with the scent of fall and the gentle flickering flame will generate a soft glow that lends to the warming ambiance of your entire home.

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**cornstalk photo DIY Network – Fall Decorating for the Front Yard

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