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My Facebook page lives in the world of “home”.  It is all about making your house your home and there are several variables in doing so.  Cooking, interior design, decorating and entertaining.  I am fortunate to have connected with companies and bloggers who are incredibly creative and imaginative, who are willing to share their talents and visions with you and I and all of their readers as well.

I have been reading articles and blurbs and seeing comments regarding the upcoming changes to our pages and how we will or will not be seen not only by our readers but by pages that connect with other pages.  I have read that the goal of Facebook is not to increase page views, which troubles me somewhat.   Now keeping in mind that all of the changes have not rolled out, it is difficult to comment in a positive or a negative fashion on something we have not yet seen.   What I do know is if we are limited in our ability to “see” each others pages, we lose our collective ingenuity which we have worked so hard to build.

We do not simply converse in each others comments box.  We email each other, respond on each others blog posts, bounce ideas from one imagination to the other and build on suggestions and conversation.  We are able to find like minded co-workers who are more than willing to give input when our minds go blank.  It isn’t just about page “views”.  Do we help each other build business?  Yes.  Do we network with each other in the hopes of drawing in more business?  Yes.  However, without the blending of great ideas, without the incredible support this community has to offer  none of this would be possible.  I am hoping that the changes we see in the coming days or weeks will still be conducive to our community supporting, cheering and sharing all that we have with each other.

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