Six personal sommeliers at your fingertips

My life in a box is indispensable.  My iPhone has everything stored deep inside of it that I will need through out the day, well, except my children and if I could find a way to Willy Wonka them inside my iPhone for travelling, I believe I would.

One genre of apps I am always on the look out for are the wine apps.  I have six that I use regularly, why six?  Simple.  I have found if I ask a few people for a recommendation based on dish, I might receive three different answers.  It’s basically the same with the apps, also, each app has a unique feature that the other apps do not.  You never know what situation may arise in the future where a particular attribute might be indispensable.

I will list the apps by name, then seller and cost of the app and the link to iTunes is the name of the app.

WineStein Pro by WineWineWine

This app is free and easy to navigate.

  • Wine with Dish
  • Dish with Wine
  • In Restaurant ~ Also if you are a restaurant owner you can register directly through the app.
This app does provide a feature that I have not seen as of yet on the other apps, Serving advice and wine DNA.
Blush for Wine by Hatch Labs, Inc.
This app is free as well and offers assistance to those who might be a bit overwhelmed shopping for wine.  There are recommendations for nearly every event based on occasion, taste and price.
  • Dining ~ Dining Options, Foods and Flavor Profile
  • Gift ~ Party, Impress or Casual
  • Social ~ Casual, Date, Formal, Picnic, BBQ
  • Relax ~ Flavor Profile and Recommend
  • Barcode Scanner – snapshot
  • Recommends based on Fav Foods and Flavor Profiles
 Hello Vino – Wine Recommendations by Drive Thru Interactive
This app is free and has been rated best app for wine shoppers by NY Times, NPR and Mashable.
  • Wine with a Meal / Food ~ Type of Food and Method of Preparation
  • Wine for an Occasion ~ Gift, Seasonal, Date, to Impress, Wine Tasting etc…..
  • Wine by Taste Preference
  • Wine by Type / Variety
  • Pronunciation, Price, Vintage, Reviews and a save feature
  • Search by, Wine Label Recognition, Brand Name, Food Pairing, Taste Preference

Pocket Wine by Paradigm

This popular app is $3.99 and gives the user the opportunity to search for wines by style example:  Aromatic, crisp, rich, fruity, etc… and then by body, taste, dry/sweet, again, etc…and offers much needed pronunciation and a very nice descriptive feature of each wine and of each grape.

There are food matching do’s and dont’s and searches based on food types.  Share with Facebook and a save feature such as My Taste based on your wine profile.

Snooth Wine Pro by Snooth

This app is $4.99 and is described as “An amazing leap forward in wine identification and virtual cellar management”.  There is a snapshot search feature by wine label and search for nearby wine stores based on your “current” location as well as a search feature based on color, price and country.  The recommends include establishment locations to purchase, price and rating with a save feature to add to wish list or add to cellar.

Wine Enthusiast Guide by MobileAge

A special price of $3.99 for a limited time.  Choose, evaluate, manage and enjoy your wine.  We all have a different way of thinking and of processing information, so we will have our own opinions about how each app works for us on an individual  level.  This particular app is my favorite and is my always my “go to”.  Search wines and reviews by, price, rating, style, varietal and region and then by cellar selection, best buy and editors choice.  The recommends include, “is it ready to drink”? and the save features include, wines I like, Wines to Buy and Wines I Own.  This app offers a button to enable remote backing up of your lists ~ priceless.

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