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Weekly TikTok Picks

Join us each week for our TikTok favorites Admittedly I arrived late to the party. TikTok festivities were in full swing by the time I finally downloaded the app, and after wading through what seemed like endless make-up tutorials, I found the sweet spot. TikTok is sheer genius and not because it gives everyone the opportunity to be a star,

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Rejuvenate your spirit with Sherri Dobay’s Daily Decadence

I received an email not too long ago, asking if I would take a look at a book and write a review.  I readily accepted simply on the title alone, “Daily Decadence The Art of Sensual Living”, by Sherri Dobay.  The title most certainly did not disappoint.  Can you fall in love with a book?  Yes, you can and yes, I

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