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Admittedly I arrived late to the party. TikTok festivities were in full swing by the time I finally downloaded the app, and after wading through what seemed like endless make-up tutorials, I found the sweet spot.

TikTok is sheer genius and not because it gives everyone the opportunity to be a star, but because after a brief period of time, the app “knows” you. The make-up tutorials ceased to appear, and fresh content filled my phone screen.

I have tried, in vain I might add, to explain to a few of my friends why TikTok is so fresh, what it brings to both the entertainment and marketing table and why it will outlast and eventually replace instagram. Gary Vee said it best. instagram will be the new “my space.” He couldn’t be more right. TikTok surfaced and completely changed the space social media inhabits. While some of what we see on the app is repetitive, it has shown us incredible creativity, originality, and glimpses into things we never knew existed.

Below are this week’s picks:

David Choi TikTok.com @WinewithDavid

With 227.4k followers David Choi is changing the way millennials are talking about wine. Leaving pretense behind, he reaches out to the younger wine crowd with quick picks and sometimes odd pairings that have the established wine industry shaking their heads. Hot Cheetos and Riesling? Yes!

Why are we listening? As the proprietor of the two Napa Valley wine companies Angel Falls Wines and Magna Carta Cellars, David is one of only 60 living recipients of the Order of Agricultural Merit (l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole) in the United States and was inducted into Jurade of Saint Emilion, the oldest wine society in Bordeaux, in 2012. Knowing his wine and his audience well, David markets to young people by communicating directly through social media to the up-and-coming generation of consumers.

Posting weekly red and white wine recommendations, with the price averaging between $14 and $20, David reminds us that wine doesn’t need to come with a high price tag to be good. “If you love…” has become the phrase most associated with him on the popular platform as he pairs snack food and trending TikTok recipes with value-driven wine picks from retailers like Ralphs, Target, Whole Foods and Costco.

Do you have a great question? Post it inside his comments and watch for his answer!

Gary Vee – TikTok.com @GaryVee

Gary Vee isn’t new to any scene. If you’ve caught a glimpse of media in any form, you know who he is. He has his fingers on the pulse of everything, and if he lets go of it, you know he doesn’t see future growth in whatever it is and has turned his attention to what will grow. Follow his lead.

TikTok is one of those mediums. Quick moving and fast-talking, Gary Vee has a lot to say in a short amount of time and uses his few words extremely well. A simple, practical thinking process rules his world, and if you don’t believe me, tune in and listen. A lot of his advice you already know – you just need to put it into practice.

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