margherita pizza

Weekend perfect, you can make the dough ahead of time or pick up fresh-made dough from your local deli. Have your hungry crew top their own pie with their favorite flavors. Late summer shows off Mother Nature's best work of art. Leaves become restless in anticipation of the fall dance, gourd foliage is in full … Continue reading margherita pizza

Baked Tomatoes with Cheese

A quick and simple appetizer sure to please a crowd. This time of year gardens are bursting with goodness and farmers markets are filled with fresh produce. The "fresh" tomato is in season, so let's get in the kitchen! *variations below Baked Tomatoes with Cheese Ingredients 4 tomatoes, halved 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmasan cheese … Continue reading Baked Tomatoes with Cheese

Soups to warm your bones on a soggy day

My time machine isn't working properly.  January flew by and I have been trying desperately to hold on to the last few days.  February always brings the promise of spring and while I am eager for warmer, dryer weather, the time is whipping by far too fast.  The one thing I can count on for … Continue reading Soups to warm your bones on a soggy day

Appetizers for your Fall Dinner Party

Cooking this time of year is a blast.  I love the robust and rich flavors the autumn harvest brings in and the way our homes seem to warm with aromas bubbling in the kitchen.  That is why this small series for Harvest Dinner Party is so much fun.  I am able to  pull in as … Continue reading Appetizers for your Fall Dinner Party