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Toss some chicken on the grill and raise a toast to summers last hurrah

The summers last huge barbecue weekend is here and it brings to mind a myriad of things. Our last days of withering in the heat are behind us for the season, fall is in the air, days are already growing shorter and September means sharing neighborhood streets with the school bus. How many parents are doing the back to school dance?

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An Intimate Dinner, a Toast or Two and a bit of Christmas Spirit(s)

The hustle and bustle of the season can knock you backwards and leave you craving some time to re-charge.  For me, this means locking the front door, turning off the porch light and basking in the glow of the quiet and candlelight. A small family dinner or an intimate dinner for two is necessary to re-connect with loved ones and

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Appetizers to usher in the Holiday Cocktail Season

Thanksgiving is almost here, menus are being finalized and shopping lists are being created.  Holiday parties are in full swing and will continue through New Years Day, so having a diversified array of cocktails, appetizers, main and side dishes is a must. Toasted rustic bread smothered in a warm and tasty spread or dip is an irresistible starter on my

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