This Weeks Favorites

Watching the new trends for fall and the holidays is inspiring and this years retailers did not disappoint.  I have found so many festive and beautiful items that I may have to give “This Week’s Favorite’s” a new name and publish twice a week.

My first love this week is from Pottery Barn.  Their Fall and holiday line this year is a bit spooky with just a touch of whimsy.  The owl has made it’s way in to quite a bit of decorating this season and I absolutely love this little bit of wisdom as an accent piece.  Owl Tree Punch Bowl Stand with Ladle ~ The stand is made of aluminum with a bronze finish and it holds a stainless steel spoon.   The glass Pumpkin Punch Bowl is sold separately ~ which you can find here.  It is gorgeous!!  For more info click here.

My next pick is full whimsy with a spook level of zero.  I am working on keeping this week’s picks in the “Autumn Zone” and save the Halloween decor for a later post.  This is so difficult for me.  I fell in love with this trio the moment I laid eyes on them.  Again, I am taking you back to Pottery Barn with their too cute to resist Cheese Board & Mouse Knives Set.  The tray is made of mango wood with a rustic stained finish and is 12″ long and 7″ wide.  Mice and utensil handles are cast aluminum with a bronze finish and utensil heads are stainless steel.   For more info  Click here

Of course it wouldn’t be my place without Napa Style.  The Artisan Glass Pumpkins are not only beautiful, but one of a kind.  By mixing red, orange and clear glass during their formation, artisans create incredible depth and colorplay in these festive pumpkins. Their natural shapes, finishes and twisted stems will vary. Approx. 7″ diam., 4½”h. Imported.  For more information please click here.

The quickest way to bring your kitchen in to a new season is to change out the towels, table cloth or place mats and a few accessories.  Williams-Sonoma’s Botanical pumpkin Towels bring the season’s bounty to your fingertips.  They come as a set of two, are durable and gorgeous, featuring an intricate printing process to create the subtly shaded and richly detailed pumpkins and gourds.  For more information, click here.

Every year Grandinroad has a stellar Halloween Haven.  Apologies, I simply had to mention …. The rest of the year isn’t too shabby either.  I love the style of their outdoor decor and furnishings, but fell in love with the Three-piece Traveler Set.  I have always had a weakness for trunks and these beauties have grabbed my attention.  For more information, click here.

  • Covered in linen-blend fabric
  • Finish features stenciled travel markings
  • Black faux leather trim
  • Nailhead trim reinforces edges and corners

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  1. Great piece…we’re going to have an early Fall here in the Ozarks because of the drought…last few nights and the weekend (I’m off and will be at the cabin) have been cool enough for a comfortable fire outside…thanks for reminding me that Fall is right around the corner!

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