Delicious cuisine inspired jewelry

Credit: Funlola Coker

The love of food does not always confine itself to the kitchen and Funlola Coker is an excellent example of this fact.  A Lagos, Nigeria native, Funlola took her love of food with her to Memphis Tennessee, where she pursued her degree in art and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts, Sculpture.

As a child, she collected miniatures, combined that fascination with her love of cuisine and began handcrafting beautiful food creations to wear.  She draws inspiration from friends and travels and is always on the look out for new intriguing ideas and combinations.  She enjoys working with individuals who have imaginative special requests and will work that in to an original work of art, created especially for her customer.

Credit: Funlola Coker

Polymer clay isn’t the only medium she enjoys working with.  Being an avid fan of Art History, Funlola uses the gnome, it’s history and symbolism to explore the possibilities of alternate realities and dimensions.  She works mostly with small scale metal sculpture and her originality in design is inspiring.

Please visit Funlola’s Etsy page to view more of Funlola’s whimsical creations, ask questions and place orders.

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