The Cookbook Library Presents; 5 Ingredient Solutions, by Laurie Alves

Laurie Alves of Food Is Love
Laurie Alves of Food Is Love

My name is Laurie Alves, I am a 47 year old, New England born, family girl who married to my High School Sweetheart at age of 18.  I went to Catholic School and on to the Community College of Rhode Island, studied Nursing.  I was a nurse for 14+ years.  I became a widow and single Mom at the age of 37.

I had to learn how to make do and make time where it was important and went back to my roots.

I’m a small town girl who loves to cook. It was how my Grandmother (and most of my family) showed me how much they loved me. It was in the kitchen where we spent most of our time together. Family meals, Gatherings, Conversations, Parties, Wakes, Card Games… You name it, It happened in the kitchen. I sometimes feel sad for young people today who don’t get the chance to experience that. It truly is what defined my early life. It helped me to establish the “rules” and “know how” for setting up a household and taking care of my family.

5 Ingredient Solutions by Laurie Alves
5 Ingredient Solutions by Laurie Alves

My cookbook was the beginning of how I shared that experience with the world. 5 Ingredient Solutions is the first in a series of cookbooks meant to be inspiration for a working Parent or a Novice Cook. That they take away some tips and gain the confidence to make a meal at home to share with their family, rather than running all over creation and grabbing something at the drive thru, never really passing on anything to their children or experiencing the joy that you get from seeing the smiles a meal shared can bring.

The mission for my cookbook series is simply that, sharing a family meal at home at the kitchen table. Not only do I  know what that experience did for me, but statistics show that children from a family that does this on a regular basis, do better in school and are less likely to join in drugs, gang or crime activity. If my cookbooks can be a tool for someone to accomplish that for their family, I have met my goal in life!

5 Ingredient Solutions is an E-Book made exclusively for Kindle on Amazon.
I start off the book, as a conversation with the reader about what is in their Pantry.
A Pantry is an integral part of being able to make a 5 Ingredient Dish. It’s all about making something fantastic on the fly. In order to do that you have to have an arsenal of staples.

I explain what items are great ideas to do just that. We then go on to the meat and potatoes of the book, The Recipes! I have included things my Mom used to put together and things I came to as a home cook’s “Chopped challenge”. All the recipes though, are Easy and can be Impressive enough for company. I made sure of it!

Bananas Foster French Toast
Bananas Foster French Toast

Take the Banana’s Foster French Toast for example… I explain in the book, that this is a breakfast to rival any Sunday Brunch item, but I also include that it bakes in the oven to give you the time and freedom to do other things! I love recipes like that, Don’t you?  Click here for the recipe to Laurie’s delicious Bananas Foster French Toast

I hope you love the cookbook as much as I do. As a Thank You to all of your Readers, I have included a link to the book at a *Special Price $1.99  so that Everyone will be able to enjoy the recipes as much as I do!

Special Thanks again to Karie Engels for the opportunity to share Myself & 5 Ingredient Solutions with her community! You are a Rockstar, Karie!

Laurie Alves

Food Is Love
Food Is Love



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  1. Karie…what a great share…my mom became a widow at 37, 4 kids, way back in 1959…she never remarried, and like Laurie, our lives were centered in the kitchen…I can really identify w/this! xo

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