Outdoor Spring Cleaning

When friends and family come calling for the holidays, welcome them with spots of color and an updated yard.

The house has been cleaned, the menu has been finalized and the shopping list complete.  The next task?  Sprucing up the yard and front porch area for friends and fam when they arrive for Easter dinner or over spring break.


gardening IIIISpring cleaning outdoors can be a daunting task. Dead plants need to be removed and perennials need to be weeded and hand-raked so new growth looks clean and crisp. Removing old, wet leaves is like putting away the last remnants of winter and all that is left is to sweep the front and back porches.

I am always hesitant to put anything in to the ground this time of year because we can still get a pretty deep freeze.  The nurseries and outdoor stores however, thwart my plans every spring.  The beautiful flowers and colors are too much for me to resist and I end purchasing them for the yard.  There are many options out there for keeping your plants from freezing at night, however, I use a practical approach.

flowers in pots II

Using several medium size pots I plant colored flowers and place the pots all over the porch and yard.  When the weather man calls for a cool night, in to the garage they go.  The pots are very useful as well, because I really like to move everything around.  A lot.  And this gives me the flexibility of always adding something new to the yard and without commitment regarding  permanent location.

easter ideas

If you are looking for inspiring last-minute ideas for both indoor and outdoor decor, I am including a link to a great site full of color.  Take some time and browse around mocho-choco.com.  50 Easter Decorating Ideas are waiting for you.  Click here

Now that the yard is clean, the front porch and walkway are lined with colored pots filled with gorgeous flowers nestled in fresh dirt, it’s time to spend a few minutes with a cold brew surveying my handy work.  It’s been a very productive day.

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