I Love My New Cookware; ManPans Review

John Crow’s latest innovation is everywhere.  I had seen the advertisement on many food websites and have been intensely curious why this particular pan is so wonderful that cooks everywhere are scrambling to add Mr. Crow’s product to their site.  And then I received my very own ManPans®  

My New Favorite PanThe  Stir-Fried Wok Pan is much larger than I had envisioned, I mean this beauty is huge.  I readied myself to lift it out of the box and was met with such a fantastic surprise, the weight, or I should say the lack of weight.  It is not only incredibly light, but has a large round handle that is a perfect fit for any grip So perfect in fact, a doctor who specializes in arthritic patients bought a ManPans®  of her own and recognized that this is the perfect solution for what had been bothering more than a few of her patients.  Pans that were far too heavy with a handle that did not fit well in their grip.  She has since been recommending this product to those in her care.

Eco Friend Green MfgNow to the real grit. How does it cook?  Amazingly well.  It heats quickly and evenly, is stick-resistant and no matter how many times I use it, I need to remind myself I can use any utensil in my cooking arsenal, because nothing I have will scratch or damage it. The energy saving feature is making me reconsider all other cookware in my pantry as it retains and distributes heat so well that cooking at a lower temperature is a must. They are manufactured here in Washington State, inside a 40,000-square-foot factory in Spokane, and are designed with a simple goal in mind.  To be the best pan in your kitchen.

ManPans® are manufactured in multiple sizes and retail from $60 to $90 for fry, sauce and sauté pans and from $90 to $107 for stir-fried wok pans.  The company also manufactures pizza pans and assorted bakeware.  This product is available in selected stores and on it’s website at www.manpans.com.

With ManPans®, we’re in the food business,” Crow states.  “We’re the only pan that doesn’t impart off-tastes to food.  So our goal is to help people experience, from farm to plate, the pure, wonderful flavors of food properly grown and cooked.

John Crow has another large, new and innovative project in the background that this amazing product is helping to fund.  We will have more on that in the spring of 2014 and are anticipating more outstanding news and products from this great man, so stay tuned!

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