9-year-old Cooper Stock is inspiring change

Karie Engels
Karie Engels

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Did Cooper Stock really have to die? by Lisa Belkin


“Cooper Stock was holding his father’s hand. That’s what he always did when he crossed the street, even though he was already 9 years old, even when the street was right in front of his apartment building at West End Avenue and 97th Street in New York City, even though he had been crossing this same street his whole life.

He did this because it was the right thing to do, and his parents had taught him to do the right thing. So he held his daddy’s hand, looked both ways and stepped off the curb toward home.

His father, Richard Stock, was also doing the right thing shortly before 9 p.m. that drizzly January night. After a father-son dinner of fried chicken and chocolate cream pie, he and Cooper opted to take a cab back uptown, and the driver dropped them off at the southeast corner. Usually they got out on the northeast one, giving them one less street to cross, but really, what difference did it make? So Richard took Cooper’s hand, waited for the red neon hand to become a white neon man, then looked both ways and walked.”        Continue reading →


Introduction material provided by Lisa Belkin, Senior National Correspondent, Yahoo! News. Contact Lisa on Twitter @LisaBelkin, or email: LisaBelkin@Yahoo-inc.com  Original Yahoo! article


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