Green Goddess Dressing with Green Garlic

Credit: 21 Acres21 Acres a venue we will visit again and again. The staff is more than willing to answer any questions regarding growing practices, storage and preparation.

21 Acres Blog

I love the taste of spring bitter greens, tender lettuces and fresh, young garlic. It is such a welcome change from the same cured or dehydrated garlic flavor.

Green garlic is basically the young, uncured, not fully formed bulb garlic. The raw flavor is sweeter and less intense. I love to use it in anything and everything that calls for garlic. I use about 3-4 inches from the root up the stalk. The unused portion can be added to a vegetarian or chicken stock pot.

The typical Green Goddess dressing consists of lots of fresh herbs — an abundance of tarragon, sour cream or mayonnaise, and anchovy paste. It was the “it” vegetable dip in the 1970-80s. I thought I’d try the tasty green garlic in my own version of a Green Goddess dressing.

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