Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag for Summer

Whether you’re hitting the road or hitting the beach, packing essentials for both mom and baby is a must. Besides basics, sunscreen, hats, flip-flops and plenty of water for parents, baby and siblings, here a few other summertime essentials.

Families in bloom SophieKeep baby entertained on long outings with Sophie the giraffe. ​Handmade exclusively in France, Sophie the Giraffe​ ​has been the go-to teether for parents across the world since 1961. She is made from 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade dyes so babies can chew and squish to their hearts’ delight​!​


families in bloom green gooKeep this convenient set in your diaper bag for easy-to-use application on baby and momma! Made with 100% natural ingredients Green Goo is safe to use on newborns.  Help reduce the appearance of stretch marks with Green Goo Belly Balm.  Belly Balm is a blend of nutrient rich cocoa and shea butter that naturally moisturizes and hydrates skin. Green Goo Baby Balm is a gentle and soothing homeopathic salve designed to moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin while helping soothe a broad spectrum of baby skin irritations. The Green Goo Nursing Cream is safe for both mothers and babies, this salve comforts sensitive skin.

families in bloom waterpuraKeep your newborn fresh and clean with WaterPura, the only American-made, chemical-free baby wipes on the market. After realizing the excessive amounts of chemicals found in baby wipes, founder Emily Frazer wanted to create a natural baby wipe that was made with safe and skin-friendly ingredients for her baby. These delicately crafted baby wipes, are soft, strong, contain zero fragrances/oils and are designed to prevent skin irritation. You’ll be surprised how much the mom-to-be in your life will cherish this simple, yet effective gift.

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