Anne Neilson Home: Combining The Beauty Of Fine Art And Faith With A Commitment To Philanthropy

September 2017  •  basil & salt 

A-Z scripture cards_300dpiIf you strive to make your home an inspiring space, you know that every piece serves a purpose. No matter the season, decorate your home with decor that expresses passion and meaning by combining the beauty of fine art with an inspiring faith and commitment to philanthropy.  Anne Neilson Home is a true reflection of designer Anne’s own passion and purpose.

Starting her artistic career with a successful pottery business, Anne Herring Neilson created Herring Designs, Inc. With a brief interlude spent focusing on her growing family, she rekindled her passion for art by painting in oils. Quickly becoming nationally known for her ethereal Angel Series paintings, these pieces are inspiring reflections of her faith and flair for color and light.

Collectors Edition Lucite Sleeve Self-publishing an inspirational coffee table book, Angels In Our Midst, in 2012, Neilson went on to sell over 30,000 copies to date. Continuing her journey of giving back through art, she published a second book, Strokes of Compassion, and more recently released Angels: The Collector’s Edition, the largest coffee table book to date, showcasing her most-loved content from Angels In Our Midst. Due to the high demand for her original oils and books, Neilson has successfully expanded her collection to include note cards, scripture cards, journals, prints and luxury candles.

Painting with purpose and passion, Neilson finds meaning in giving back to others less fortunate. Contributing to local, national, and international organizations with proceeds from her art shows, books, and products going into the community, Neilson is committed to bettering the world – one design at a time.

Decorate your home with some of the stylish, meaningful pieces from Anne Neilson Home:

  • Angels: The Collector’s EditionThe newest coffee table treasure from Anne Neilson, this beneficial book includes the largest collection of stories and fine art images to date. Featuring the most beloved content from Angels In Our Midst PLUS an additional 154 pages filled with art and stories, this piece is dedicated to helping organizations across the country in fighting the effects of homelessness and chronic poverty. Discover stories from critically acclaimed music artists including Matthew West,Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, and Audio Adrenaline.
  • 100 Days of Scripture CardsKept in a gorgeous lucite box, these scripture cards are divine. Featuring the signature and inspiring Angel Series paintings along with a scripture verse, each box contains 100, 4 x 4 inch cards with an Angel image on one side and a scripture verse on the other. Perfect daily reminders to find faith, hope and encouragement, they make wonderful gifts as well!
  • Luxury CandlesWind down after a long day with the wonderful, serene scents of Anne Neilson Home’s luxury candles. Offering nine hand poured, luxury soy candles, each comes in a box featuring one of Anne’s fine art angels, selected to match the fragrance, and nestled in a hand blown glass. Available candles include Luminous, Still Waters, Simply Serene, New Beginnings, Embrace, Garden Gate, Dwelling Place, Hidden Glory, and Daybreak and NEW Believe fragrance of fir, eucalyptus, oak moss and vanilla!  

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