‘Genesis Project’ Raising a Glass to New Beginnings

True Story.

GenesisProjectOne afternoon about two years ago I received a life-changing email.

A gentleman from a national media firm mentioned he thought I would be a perfect fit for a Seattle company they had in their portfolio. It had the same focus as my online site and they were looking for an editor for a term of 6-months minimum and liked my work enough to bring me into the family. I informed him I wasn’t looking for a job and he tossed out a rather decent dollar amount which had me reconsidering this small point. We chatted a couple of times on the phone, set an interview date with the local office staff and away I went.

Set in the heart of down-town, even the sidewalks were vibrating with the energy of the Seattle’s people. My mood was on hi-beam as I entered the building.

I arrived early, checked out the hip, colorful lobby, chatted with the receptionist and noticed a few employees who wandered in and out of the kitchen. All of them young, in jeans, and one was barefoot with her hair tossed messily on top of her head looking like she just popped in from a pajama party. Cheerily chatting, they pulled lunches from the fridge and headed back to their desks. I noted this was a comfortable, casual atmosphere laden with happy, fresh talent.

After a bit of a wait, I was taken into a small downstairs room to meet with the company videographer. He tossed around the names of a couple Food Network chefs that he had been assigned to in the recent past and all in all seemed pleasant while at the same time just a bit condescending.

He went over the guidelines, walked me through company policies and circled back to my site and my resume. He then looked me directly in the eye and said, “this is good work and this all looks great, I just didn’t expect them to send me someone with so much…experience.”

There it was. That moment. That first realization that I was too old, too seasoned, too experienced to land a job in today’s market. The worst part? I hadn’t been looking for a job. Yet I polished my resume, spent a total of 4 hours’ in traffic and paid for parking to have someone tell me I was too old for a job I didn’t even apply for.

Admittedly I was humiliated and a bit angry, but more than anything it was a wake-up call to self-renewal and reinvention. That one moment became my Genesis Project.

Change can happen quickly and more often than not life takes a turn in the opposite direction we were headed. Re-gaining control of our daily lives is not something we can wait to do. Read my story and take your life by the reigns. Make life your genesis project.  Pre-order for yourself or a gift for the holiday season. $14.99 Pre-order

profile picKarie Engels is an author and founder and publisher of Basil & Salt Magazine. She enjoys a quiet life in a small town in Washington State with her children and two troublesome cats.

She decided to write ‘Genesis Project’ when she realized society thought her too old to be a viable cog in the workplace. Raising a glass to New Begninnings.

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