Quick Bites – Salt Point® Margarita Canned Cocktails Available For National Tequila Day

Now available direct to consumer

This National Tequila Day, Salt Point® Canned Cocktails offers a new ready-to-drink canned Margarita cocktail for tequila lovers with an all-natural, great tasting recipe. Made with Blanco tequila using the finest Weber Blue agave mixed with house-made triple sec, agave syrup, lime and just the right amount of carbonation, the result is a fresh and bright tasting Margarita with sweet aromatics, 10% alcohol by volume and no artificial preservatives.

One can is equal to two ready-to-drink cocktails that can be enjoyed straight from the can or poured over ice making it convenient for outdoor or indoor activities, with no mixing necessary. Now there is no longer a need to buy premium tequila, triple sec and limes at an approximate cost of eighty dollars and look for a place to store the sticky mess.

The ready-to-drink sector is now bigger in volume than the total spirits category in the US, and is expected to overtake wine this year, according to the June 2021 IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. 

The ultra-premium and eye-catching design is blazoned with a whimsical mermaid reminiscent of seaport characters and stories, like all Salt Point packaging.

Margarita joins the successful Salt Point line up of canned cocktails, including Moscow Mule, Greyhound and Gin Highball.

All Salt Point cocktails retail for $4.99 per can or $17.99 4-pack in 11 states including California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Connecticut and newly available direct to consumer online at www.saltpoint.co.

Salt Point Margarita Canned Cocktail

About Salt Point 
Salt Point Canned Cocktail Co. was one of the first ultra-premium canned cocktail companies to market, canning cocktails since 2013, created by female founder, Heather Wyatt. Inspired by Salt Point, a Northern California State Park two hours north of San Francisco on the Pacific Ocean, a place that evokes the natural beauty and character of Northern California and seaport towns everywhere. Salt Point has four refreshing canned cocktails in their line up with all-natural ingredients and premium spirits, including Moscow Mule, Gin Highball, Greyhound and the new Margarita with disruptive packaging highly recognizable by their seaport characters. Visit us at our website or follow us on InstagramFacebook or email us at info@saltpoint.co.

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