MyKirei by KAO® soothing Peony Milky Lotion is a 2022 Real Simple Smart Beauty Award winner

We just tried MyKirei by KAO and we love it.

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MyKirei by KAO is thrilled to announce that its Soothing Peony Milky Lotion won a Smart Beauty Award from REAL SIMPLE, one of just ten products to make the cut for the magazine’s March 2022 issue. REAL SIMPLE’S beauty editors sifted through hundreds of products used over the past two years to determine those that made a true difference in their respective routines. MyKirei by KAO Soothing Peony Milky Lotion stood out among the rest. With an eye toward price and efficiency, the editors called out its ability to deliver silky, lightweight moisture without compromising sustainability—thanks to its sophisticated holder that can be refilled with Eco-Pouches that reduce plastic up to 75% vs. traditional lotion packaging and are 100% recyclable with TerraCycle®.

The Soothing Peony Milky Lotion’s lightweight formula, with Japanese Peony Extract, sinks right into the skin and seals in moisture, providing a level of hydration that lasts all day. The scent is a refreshingly light, clean, floral combination.

MyKirei by KAO has always put the environment at the forefront of its offerings, beginning with its revolutionary personal care and hair-care products housed in patented AIR Bottles, refillable Bottles for Life, and now Eco-Holders. To ensure similar standards and quality for its body lotions, MyKirei by KAO commissioned Japanese artists to create bottle designs based on the traditional crafts of Sashiko, an embroidery technique, and Urushi, a lacquer technique. In winning a 2022 Smart Beauty Award, MyKirei by KAO Soothing Peony Milky Lotion and Eco-Holder prove that environmental responsibility isn’t just a trend but a priority for consumers and editors alike.

Basil & Salt’s quick review: The lotion is both soothing and hydrating with a delightfully delicate floral scent of Peony. The real winner here though is the packaging. Currently there are two design options for the Eco-Holder and we hope to see more decor choices in the near future. Refilling the holder is blessedly simple and we look forward to trying additional products in this body care line.
– karie engels, managing editor

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