Celebrate National Wine Day with a delicious and sustainably made Sicilian Red

W/O Frappato is brimming with intense floral aromas, spiced red berry flavors and a silky-smooth texture.

Third-generation winemaker Dino Taschetta named it W/O (without), because it’s crafted from the belief that you should be able to enjoy great wine knowing it’s been made as naturally and sustainably as possible. Or, as they like to say: 100% enjoyment, without compromise.

For this elegant red, Dino selected organically grown, sustainably farmed Frappato grapes—a true Sicilian specialty that’s quite rare in the U.S. But he didn’t stop there, Dino also made the wine vegan (without fining or filtering with animal products) and used eco-friendly packaging. We’re talking sustainable corks, recycled ‘Wild Glass’ (which has a unique green color) and minimal labeling, so your bottle is easy to recycle.

The W/O Frappato is available for $18.99 on Laithwaites.com.

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