REVEALED: Modern Farmhouse is the most popular interior design style in the U.S. according to Google

The study was conducted by interior design studio Hovia, which analyzed Google Trends data with over 575 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles to reveal the most popular style in each state.

  • Modern Farmhouse is the most popular home interior design style in the United States, topping searches in 32 states
  • Feng Shui is the most popular style in five states, including Alaska, California, Hawaii, New Mexico and Nevada
  • Rustic and Coastal were the top searches in four states each

Decorating and furnishing a house can bring charm, light and life into any home, which is why many Americans will invest a lot of time and care into which style they choose to go for, but which ones are the most popular across the US right now?  

The study was conducted by interior design studio Hovia, which analyzed Google Trends data with over 575 search terms relating to 25 interior design styles to reveal the most popular style in each state.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is the top interior design style in the US, with 32 states choosing this style over any other. Searches for this particular style are the most popular in Texas, where searches average 8,647 times per month, followed by Ohio with 3,717 searches and North Carolina with 3,497.

Similar to country-style homes, Modern Farmhouse gives off a cleaner and fresher aesthetic by including white or light colors accompanied by pottery, wooden furnishings, rattan baskets and earth-toned décor.

This modern spin on country style has been popularized through social media, television and movies which helps to aid people in inspiration, giving them platforms to copy as viewers. Vaulted ceilings, large verandas and neutral-colored deckings are often top picks for those into the style, but not to forget that this particular style loves to draw attention to classic and traditional features which may already be in the home. Americans also cherish the farmhouse element of this style through its representation of family values, hard work and simplicity.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the second most popular interior design style in the US, with five states searching for it over any other style. Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico are the states which dominate the searches for the style, which is known to focus on making any space organized and natural.

The style originates from Chinese art, which helps to organize any space to result in positive energy and improve overall well-being, as well as making your living space harmonious and balanced. If Feng Shui is done correctly, the balance of yin-yang energies causes a constant flow of balance, improving your life.

Rustic and Coastal

The third most popular design styles are Rustic and Coastal, which both have four states searching for these styles the most.

While Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming favor Rustic interiors, Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island and South Carolina favor the Coastal style.

The rustic style concentrates on organic textures such as stone, wood and metal, whereas the coastal style of interior design focuses on reflecting elements of the beach, commonly through beach-style decorations and emphasis on light shades of green and blue.

Mid-Century Modern, French Country, Industrial and Eclectic

The fourth most popular interior design styles each have one state favoring over any other interior design style:

Oregon’s most favored interior design style is Mid-Century Modern, which includes graphic shapes alongside a combination of both manufactured and natural decorations in muted tones in vibrant colors. There are normally a lot of outdoor furnishings bought inside the home in this style which helps to create an earthy-minimalistic atmosphere.

Mississippi residents tend to opt for the French Country interior style, which can often be mistaken for farmhouse or cottage core styles due to its homey feel. The French Country style encompasses more luxury elements, often expressed through curved regal furniture in golds and creams. Fluted and cabriole chair legs are often used in this style as opposed to the harsher shapes seen in farmhouse-designed homes as well as more polished and finished paint jobs compared to that shabby chic look other styles incorporate.

New York’s most popular interior design style is Industrial which focuses on materials such as utilitarian and solid metals; often, restored furniture is seen in homes decorated in this style as it brings an effortless character to a space. Wood, iron, steel and aluminum are all quintessential elements of this particular style, as well as rich leathers and copper finishings.

Arkansas opts for the Eclectic interior style, essentially a timeless mix-match of décor and furniture. This style tends to incorporate pieces from all different interior design styles, resulting in a more individual and personal feel. This style never goes out of fashion as the decoration stays ambiguous through constant changeups and re-organization when new pieces are added.  

An expert from Hovia commented:

“It is exciting to see just how desirable the Modern Farmhouse style of interior design is across the US, with it being the landslide winner in popularity. It is also interesting to notice regionally how many states’ locations have had their design preferences influenced by seasonal trends.

Overall, remembering to surround yourself in a space where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed is the perfect scenario to indulge in a happy and positive life, which is why it is so important to many Americans looking to decorate their homes that they make the right choice for both their home and themselves.”

See the breakout below:

AlabamaMod. Farmhouse
AlaskaFeng Shui
ArizonaMod. Farmhouse
CaliforniaFeng Shui
ColoradoMod. Farmhouse
ConnecticutMod. Farmhouse
GeorgiaMod. Farmhouse
HawaiiFeng Shui
IdahoMod. Farmhouse
IllinoisMod. Farmhouse
IndianaMod. Farmhouse
IowaMod. Farmhouse
KansasMod. Farmhouse
KentuckyMod. Farmhouse
LouisianaMod. Farmhouse
MaineMod Farmhouse
MarylandMod Farmhouse
MAMod Farmhouse
MichiganMod Farmhouse
MinnesotaMod Farmhouse
MississippiFrench Country
MissouriMod Farmhouse
NebraskaMod Farmhouse
NevadaFeng Shui
New Hampsh.Mod Farmhouse
New JerseyMod Farmhouse
New MexicoFeng Shui
New YorkIndustrial
N. CarolinaMod Farmhouse
N. DakotaRustic
OhioMod. Farmhouse
OklahomaMod. Farmhouse
OregonMid-Cent. Mod.
Rhode IslandCoastal
S. CarolinaCoastal
S. DakotaMod. Farmhouse
TennesseeMod. Farmhouse
TexasMod. Farmhouse
UtahMod. Farmhouse
VermontMod. Farmhouse
VirginiaMod. Farmhouse
W. VirginiaMod. Farmhouse
WisconsinMod. Farmhouse

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