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Gibson TV, the iconic, American instrument brand’s award-winning, worldwide online network–features original series about music and culture from the world’s best storytellers. Gibson TV’s special acoustic performance series “The Songbook” showcases stripped-down performances shot in beautiful spaces from world-renowned, and up-and-coming musicians. Watch all Gibson TV shows on and subscribe to Gibson TV and be notified when new episodes become available.

This week’s episode of “The Songbook” features American singer-songwriter Fantastic Negrito. From winning the NPR Tiny Desk contest with a self-submitted tape in 2015 to winning three GRAMMYs for “Best Contemporary Blues Album” and one for “Best American Roots” performance, Fantastic Negrito’s music makes an impact on anyone lucky enough to listen. Watch/share the new episode of “The Songbook” to experience the magic of Fantastic Negrito as he tells the stories behind the songs off his album White Jesus Black Problems and performs “They Go Low,” “You Better Have a Gun,” and “Highest Bidder,” Here.

“Part love story, part historical excavation, Fantastic Negrito’s extraordinary new album, White Jesus Black Problems, is an exhilarating ode to the power of family and the enduring resilience of our shared humanity. Inspired by the illegal, interracial romance of his seventh-generation grandparents—a white indentured servant and an enslaved Black man—in 1750s Virginia, the collection is bold and thought provoking, grappling with racism, capitalism, and the very meaning of freedom itself, all without ever losing sight of the desire and determination at the heart of the tale. While each track here could stand easily on its own, as could the companion film Negrito shot to accompany the music, stepping back to absorb the collection in its full audio and visual context yields a far more transcendent and immersive sensory experience, one that challenges our notions of who we are, where we come from, and, perhaps most importantly, where we’re headed.” Listen to Fantastic Negrito’s music, visit:

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