Seasonal Madness; Simple Ideas for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and final menus are coming together.  Whether it’s a simple breakfast, a large brunch, family dinner or decadent dessert, we will give you as many culinary ideas as humanly possible this week.

Chef Chris Hill
Chef Chris Hill
Photo Credit: Chris Jackson

When it comes to breakfast or brunch, pancakes, waffles and french toast are wonderful and quite often are the center of our weekend menu.  Every once in awhile we break out of the box, and a holiday, such as Mother’s Day is an excellent “excuse” to do so.

This morning while browsing through poached egg recipes, a post from Chef Chris Hill’s Bachelor Kitchen caught my eye.  The timing was absolute perfection and the title is simply too endearing  not to share with you.

Poached Eggs by Bachelor Kitchen Photo: BK
Poached Eggs by Bachelor Kitchen
Photo: BK

Poached Egg for Dummies by Chef Chris Hill, Bachelor’s Kitchen.   This is a great recipe with instructions that are easy to follow, and the technique is uncomplicated.  If you use Facebook, I strongly suggest you follow his page as it is filled with great photographs and even better recipes.  You will find more about Chef Chris Hill at the following links;  Bachelor Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter and Bachelor Kitchen.

Maple Glazed Bacon
Maple Glazed Bacon

Maple Glazed Bacon by Martha Stewart.  Simplicity is on the menu  and this next post is incredibly delicious and can be popped in the oven and cooking while the eggs are “poaching”.   Follow the directions, put them in the oven and they cook for 15 – 18 minutes.

Fruit and Berries
Fruit and Berries

Fruits and Berries ~ Watermelon, Honeydew or Cantaloupe; A collection of melons cut in to wedges or slices or a bowl of berries and fruits is a great addition to any meal.  It adds color and refreshes the palate for the next bite.  They also add a delightful taste of Spring and Summer to breakfast.

A great breakfast for mom does not need to be complicated, we subsist best simply on hugs.

There is more to come this week, fluffy pancakes, great french toast, frittata’s and I  promise we will not forget, the Mimosa.  Stay tuned!

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