Miron Glass Bottles, Why are they Important for Our Skin Care Products?

When people first discover Kari Gran they often ask “why is the product packaged in Miron glass bottles?”   Our dark Miron glass bottles, while beautiful, are not used because they are aesthetically pleasing but because they are the best choice for all MIRON GLASSnatural ingredients.  Pure, natural oil,without parabens added, is chemically fragile. Kari Gran skin care products are packaged in special 100% recyclable dark violet MIRON Glass bottles. MIRON glass bottles block the complete spectrum of visible light (aside from non-threatening violet), which would otherwise accelerate molecular decay preservative-free and toxin-free ingredients. The sturdy, European imported glass is shatter resistant and provides the proverbial cool, dark place suggested by many natural products as the ideal storage environment – without having to run to the refrigerator every time you cleanse your face.  Check out all our 100% natural skin care products at http://www.karigran.com.

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