Sunday Desserts; The Ripe and Juicy Peach

Fresh PeachesSunday’s have always been a day for family. We would prep and pop a roast or a ham in the oven, spend the morning whipping up a decadent dessert for the evening and spend time talking, listening and laughing with the entire household gathered in one room. Folks are getting busy, children grow older, and they begin enjoying activities of their own with friends and Sunday Dinners seemed to have simply disappeared.

It happened so gradually that I didn’t notice these dinners were growing far and few in between, and upon realizing this major glitch in our family, I have made the decision that we are going to make sure this together time happens at least twice a month.  If my “sweet three” decide they would like to bring a friend with them, that’s a great idea.  The door is always open and the dinner table is always ready for guests.

Since Sunday desserts are on the brain and the ripe and delicious peach is in season they are the pick of the day.

Peach Custard Ice Cream with Fresh Peach Compote Peach Custard Ice Cream with Fresh Peach Compote by Bon Appetite. The Seattle area has been socked in with low clouds, a bit of rain and temps struggling to reach the 70 degree mark.  Putting a dessert together that is made for warmer weather has been difficult for me to even think of doing, so ice cream the past few days has not been something I have wanted to serve the fam.  With the high today moving towards 80, I’m ready to create something decadent and chilled.

The recipe is a bit involved and heavenly to taste.  The ice cream portion can be made up to three days ahead, so it can be whipped up on a weekend, and served on a busy weeknight or after a Sunday meal.  Shopping list;  Ice Cream; Whipping cream, half and half, sugar, egg yolks, peaches, corn syrup and vanilla extract.  Compote; Peaches, Essencia or late harvest Riesling, sugar and lemon juice.  Full recipe and method

Buttermilk Peach PuddingButtermilk Peach Pudding by Southern Living.  This is a delicious treat in the cool of the evening served warm over cold ice cream.   With cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, it’s a delightful prelude to Autumn cuisine.  It’s simple, quick, easily serves 8 and takes just a little over an hour to prepare start to finish.  Shopping list; Flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, ginger, peaches, buttermilk, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla ice cream.   Full Recipe and method

Ginger Peach JulepGinger Peach Julep by Dirty Gourmet.  Dinner has been served, the kitchen cleaned afterward, dessert has been devoured and the outdoor fire is burning low on a cooling summer evening.  It’s the perfect time to sit, relax and sip a cocktail and Peaches and Bourbon are an irresistible combination. Shopping list; Bourbon whiskey, peach, mint leaves, ginger ale and ice.  Full Recipe and method

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