Canning Pumpkin: Easy how-to plus some yummy recipes!

For Dragonflies And Me


Canning season for some is over, but not for this farm girl. I still have a few things on my list… namely sauerkraut, a bit more apple pie filling, one more batch of salsa, my smoky barbecue sauce and my pumpkin.

Today I completed my pumpkin and barbecue sauce… so exciting when you get to cross that stuff off your canning list!

So what do you do with canned pumpkin other than make pie at Thanksgiving and Christmas? Well there’s a lot you can do with it, but first here’s a simple step by step how-to can pumpkin along with some yummy recipes to use it in!  Please note, that in a recipe that calls for mashed or cooked pumpkin, this is where you’d use your canned pumpkin.

Enjoy friends!

Canning Pumpkin step by step how-to:

**TIP: You can figure that 1 average size pie pumpkin will give you 2 cups/ pint jar of cooked pumpkin. So…

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