Dia de los Muertos; honoring ancestors with a toast and tequila

As we move closer to winter’s cold embrace we begin preparation for the rituals our ancestors have practiced for centuries.  Samhain, ( pronounced ‘sow’inn’ ), the ancient Celtic celebration, and Mexico’s, Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos.  Both of these ancient festivals focus on gatherings of family and friends to give prayers and offerings for those that have passed on.

Marigold Arch
Marigold Arch

Dia de los Muertos has been dated back  to an Aztec festival and now in modern times having merged with Catholicism, is observed November 1 and 2 in grand style. It is a time where families and friends of the deceased celebrate the lives of those passed on.  Private altars are constructed in remembrance of deceased loves ones and though they no longer walk the earth,  their lives are celebrated with food, drink parties and favorite activities they had enjoyed while alive.

So in honor of our ancestors, let’s raise a glass, or three, and give a toast.   Share some great food and have a celebration.  Casa Noble Tequila has created a few Day of the Dead inspired cocktails to honor those that have passed on.  Enjoy them on their own or pair them with traditional foods such as Pan de Muerto and Candied Pumpkins.

“Picadura” means “sting”, it can be from poisonous spider, scorpions, snakes, bees, etc.  but it is also a commonly referred expression used when you eat too much spicy chile!  -“pica mucho!”- is the common expression.. it stings, but it tastes so good!. The analogy with this delicious cocktail is just perfect: spicy but delicious.


The Picadura

Casa Noble:  The Picadura


  • 1.5 oz. Casa Noble Reposado
  • 1.5 oz. Fresh Watermelon Juice
  • .25 oz. Organic Agave Nectar
  • .25 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  • 1 pinch of Hepp’s Scorpion Salt 

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker tin, shake & strain over fresh ice in a Collins glass (top w/soda water optional).


Calabaza En Tacha ~ Mexican Candied Pumpkin

Calabaza En Tacha, Mexican Candied Pumpkin by The Spicie Foodie.

Candied pumpkin traditionally is a food enjoyed during the celebration of  Dia de los Muertos and Spicie Foodie has given it a bit of an updated twist.   With the exception of whole pumpkins, you more than likely have the ingredients  rattling around in your pantry or cupboard just waiting to be used on something  delicious.  Shopping list;  Pumpkin, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, all spice, orange zest, salt, brown sugar, granulated sugar, molasses, water and evaporated milk.  Follow link for full recipe and method.

Note:  I adore Spicie Foodie’s twist on Candied Pumpkin and I am looking forward to serving this recipe to my family.  I love trying as many variations on a traditional recipe as possible.  Mexico Cooks has contacted me with their recipe to add to this piece as well.  You can find it here, Calabaza en Tacha Winter Squash Cooked in Syrup. I am hoping you will try both recipes.

La Calaca Margarita

Casa Noble:  La Calaca


  •  2 oz. Casa Noble Reposado
  •  1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
  •  3/4 oz. Organic Agave Nectar
  •  Lime Wheel
  •  Hepp’s Hawaiian Black Salt

Method: Combine all ingredients in a shaker, strain and serve on the rocks,
garnish with a lime wheel and Hepp’s Hawaiian Black Salt rim.

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  1. Here’s a more traditional recipe for calabaza en tacha (candied squash). Note that the squash used in Mexico is not the yellow pumpkin that is common this time of year in the United States. The shell is much harder and the squash itself is less sweet. If you can find calabaza de Castilla, your end product will be less cloying than if you make it with a soft-shell pumpkin.


    1. Thank you! I have added your recipe to the piece…I love many variations of a traditional recipe as well as the original, and giving my readers many options to what they find online and in recipe books. I am encouraging them to try both options.

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