Deschutes Brewery announces the 27th release of its festive winter ale

JubelaleBTLA wee bit early to announce a winter beer? Never. Deschutes Brewery couldn’t wait to share the inner and outer beauty of its 2014 Jubelale. Inside the bottle, fans will find the flavor they’ have come to know that hearkens in the cooler months of fall: layered flavors of warm spiciness, dried fruit and a hoppy finish. Outside the bottle, this year’s packaging features original fiber artwork from Bend, Oregon’s Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer showing two people sledding in a playful winter landscape.

“”When we were asked to create a piece for the Jubelale label, we felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of something that has become a beloved annual tradition for both artists and beer lovers,”” said the Lubbesmeyers, twin artists who collaborate on their pieces in their studio located just across the river from the brewery. ““Creating the label artwork was a unique challenge for us, and a very welcome one. Our final design was inspired by engagement photos of our niece and her fiancé playing in the snow, which made us think about what we like to do during the winter in Bend…sledding followed by a beer sounded perfect.””

The twins’ artwork for Jubelale 2014 was created through the Lubbesmeyer’s unique method of layering and overstitching with fabrics. During their artistic process, they exchange the pieces, allowing the imagery to emerge spontaneously. The fracturing of shape and saturation of color occur layer by layer – allowing the texture of the fiber to build the imagery as they’ve responded to each other’s work.

“”We typically work in landscapes, so adding figures in was something fairly recent for us as artists,” said Lisa. “We needed to come up with something that reflected the energy of the season, which was completely different from past years’ artwork. The scene we created was meant to capture the essence of the lifestyle we enjoy here in Central Oregon.””

This year marks the 27th bottling of Jubelale, the first beer that Deschutes Brewery ever bottled. For the last 20 years, a different local artist has been chosen to create an original piece of art for the label. This “winter warmer” is always a favorite for the holiday season. Jubelale will be available in all 26 states where Deschutes Brewery beer is sold, starting in September.
6.7% Alcohol by Volume (ABV); 60 International Bitterness Units (IBUs); 12-ounce bottles and draft.

About Deschutes Brewery
Founded in 1988 as a brew pub in Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery is known for brewing a diverse line-up of award winning beers including the popular Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. From the beginning, fine ingredients and hand-crafting have been the focus – for both the beer and the food.  In 2008, the brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District. Deschutes Brewery now ships beer to 26 states and around the world from its main brewing facility located on the banks of the Deschutes River.  To find out more, visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter .

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