New York City’s Salt Warning Rule Takes Effect Tuesday

saltOn Tuesday, New York City’s salt warning rule will take effect in chain restaurants throughout the city. Under this rule, a salt-shaker emblem will be displayed on menus next to items that have more than the recommended daily limit of sodium: 2,300 milligrams. The average American consumes about 3,400 mg of salt per day, and high sodium intake is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.

SaltOnce again New York is setting a precedent by demanding mandatory compliance and is applauded by health advocates who have been looking for a way to persuade American’s to put down the salt shaker.

But not everyone is in accord with this rule. Both the national restaurant and salt-producers’ organizations plan to fight this as it puts an “overly onerous and costly burden” on the restaurants.

The recommended daily limit is 2,300 milligrams, which is about a teaspoon of sodium. Below is a chart which highlights the saltiest sandwiches at fast food chains:

Sourtced data used in these visualizations:
Data is curated by and sourced from ESHA Research, New England Journal of Medicine, Health Indicators Warehouse.

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