High-Tech Hacks for the Kitchen by Amber Heckler

Have you been yearning to up your kitchen game but without bulky gadgets or “unitasker” appliances? Don’t worry. These days, there are many ways to optimize cozy kitchens with cool high-tech gadgets that save space instead of taking it up.

High Tech Kitchen Hacks

Measure With a Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital kitchen scales will change your life. They are more expensive than measuring cups, but not by very much, and the time and energy they’ll save you is more than worth it. Digital kitchen scales are slender and take up hardly any space. They’re also way more accurate than measuring cups or spoons, and are a real asset to your kitchen.

Install a Tablet Wall Mount

Gone are the days of giant cookbooks and their equally giant stands. If you have a tablet, install a wall mount in your kitchen. This will allow you to read your recipe on your tablet in “real time” as you’re cooking, freeing up your hands and making everything a lot easier. Pro tip: Place a protective cover on your tablet to guard against food splats.

Create Your Own Chalkboard

Ask your property manager before going forward with this one, but if he or she allows it, paint the inside — or outside, if you prefer — of your cupboards with chalkboard paint. This high-tech paint looks and acts like a chalkboard, so you can write on it with chalk and wipe it clean! You can use your new chalkboard to keep notes on recipes, measurements or anything else you want, freeing you of paper reminders or sticky notes, which can add a lot of clutter to a kitchen.

Magnetize Everything

Magnets are truly a miracle when it comes to saving space. There are several ways to take advantage of magnets in the kitchen. If you’re tired of your knife block taking up counter space, buy a magnetic knife strip. Just install it on the wall and your knives will hang from it, taking up little space and looking cool in the process. Another great magnetized product is a set of magnetic all-purpose racks. You can put this on your fridge and store spices or anything you want in it.

Immerse Yourself in Immersion Blenders

Immersion blenders, also known as “stick blenders,” take up much less space than “regular” blenders and are highly efficient. It’s true that they can’t do everything a large blender can, so keep your large blender in the cabinet for when you need to make a batch of margaritas. Immersion blenders, however, are great for making single-serving smoothies and for blending soups.

Steam Clean

Mops and buckets are the scourge of the closet. They’re germ factories and they take up an infuriating amount of space. Consider investing in a steam mop; it will make your life a lot easier. Just add water and this mop can clean anything (as long as you double check to make sure your mop is OK for use on hardwood floors). Your kitchen will be the cleanest you’ve ever seen it.

Pop Up, Pop Down

There’s no getting around the fact that you need a sponge, but it’s a huge waste of space. That’s where the Pop-Up Sponge comes in. It works like a regular sponge when it’s wet, but it really shines when dry. It shrinks down to a tiny rectangle that takes up almost no space at all. Whenever you want to use it again, simply immerse it in water and it will “pop” back up. Very cool!


Take advantage of the many handy mobile apps that make cooking super easy. Here are just a few:

Paprika Recipe Manager: This helpful mobile app helps you organize recipes and create menus. It also keeps track of nutritional information and lets you add notes to recipes as you go. A must for any cook.

Perfect Produce: This amazing app advises you on how to buy, use and store every type of produce you can think of. Use this app when you’re grocery shopping for an easy way to up your fruit and veggie intake, and say goodbye to the days of throwing away overripe avocados.

How to Cook Everything: This awesome app from chef and food columnist Mark Bittman is exactly what it sounds like. With more than 2,000 recipes, 400 photos, and tips and instructions galore, this app really will tell you how to cook everything. You’ll be glad you downloaded this one!

And if you’re looking for more tips, or even a new apartment, check out the ForRent mobile app.

Now go forth and cook! (And clean up afterward.)

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