Fresh Treats for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and are spending the week sharing party tips, tricks and ideas. Today's "witchy" post are fresh ideas the little ghouls and goblins in the fam will love helping to assemble. Strawberries are the center of today's Halloween treats. We received a strawberry huller from Trudeau, and this little beauty removes the … Continue reading Fresh Treats for Halloween

High-Tech Hacks for the Kitchen by Amber Heckler

Have you been yearning to up your kitchen game but without bulky gadgets or “unitasker” appliances? Don’t worry. These days, there are many ways to optimize cozy kitchens with cool high-tech gadgets that save space instead of taking it up. Measure With a Digital Kitchen Scale Digital kitchen scales will change your life. They are … Continue reading High-Tech Hacks for the Kitchen by Amber Heckler