Sprucing up the outdoors for spring

Your front porch and flower garden are the first things your guests see when they arrive. Make sure they are gorgeous!

IMG_5775I don’t have a lot of space in my backyard, which limits my gardening to containers. As I began working on my patio garden blueprint, I headed outdoors to take stock of my garden containers. I needed to weed out the old, dead plants and check for cracks or breakage of my pots after our freezing northwest winter weather.

My back patio was in a deplorable state. Moss and general “grunginess” had taken over my herb and floral containers. It’s not something I probably would have spent too much time worrying over, but the hard freezes this year and taken a toll on a couple of my terra cotta’s, so I headed out to Lowe’s to purchase new ones. When I returned home with them and set them beside my seasoned pots, the contrast was too noticeable to walk away from. Cleaner, rags and a hose in hand, I went to work.

FullSizeRenderEarlier this year Mean Green had asked me to be one of the ambassadors for their brand. I had not previously tried the product and they sent me an assortment to test. The patio furniture sat out in the snow and was covered in a light green layer of dirt and moss. Every accessory, container, planter and piece of garden and patio furniture received a scrubbing and we are ready for barbecue activity. I love this product and it made my backyard patio garden gorgeous again.

Spring cleaning generally seems to be an indoor activity. While we tackle windows, cabinets and clean out dusty closets, our outdoors needs a good scrubbing as well to get ready for backyard cookout activities and evening cocktails on the front porch. While I was out checking my pots, I had also noticed my front and back doors were loaded with dirt. They received a good scrubbing as well.

IMG_5777Additional things to consider while cleaning the outdoors for spring and summer:

  • Clean out last year’s growth from the flower beds and turn over the dirt. Even if you aren’t ready to plant, this freshens up the yard.
  • Containers are a great way to add spots of color and are easy to move around the yard as needed. Set in cut florals or plant flowers already in bloom for instant beauty.
  • More ideas below!


Please Note: We did receive product and yes, this is a sponsored post written by Karie Engels. While we do publish posts that are sponsored, this site will not ever represent or write about a product we do not believe in and we proudly represent Mean Green as one of their product Ambassadors.


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