Secret Atlas Launches Private, Sustainable Small Ship Luxury Expeditions to Greenland and Iceland

 Secret Atlas, the home of small ship voyages to remote areas of the Arctic, announces the addition of two new luxury expeditions to Iceland and Greenland for Summer and Fall 2021. Renowned for private luxury charters, group adventure expeditions, and photography tours of no more than twelve passengers aboard a fully-crewed vessel, Secret Atlas offers a highly personalized and transformative travel experience. The new restriction-free chartered expeditions to the majestic wilderness of Iceland and Greenland fully embody the mission of Secret Atlas: to revive the lost spirit of exploration.

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Secret Atlas was created by two passionate explorers and conservationists’ intent on making Arctic travel more personal and more sustainable. Allowing for deep exploration of areas that are otherwise inaccessible, Secret Atlas brings travelers closer to nature with a lower impact on wildlife and natural habitats.

“We live in a fast-paced world, and we are forgetting how to live in close contact with nature and the elements … we are forgetting how to be adventurous,” remarks Secret Atlas co-founder Michele D’Agostino. “With Secret Atlas, we aim to share our love of the great beauty of the polar region with our intent for more mindful travel to provide a much richer travel experience.”

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Secret Atlas expeditions to Iceland and Greenland offer safe, restriction-free travel for those in search of a transformative travel experience. Embark on a privately chartered small ship voyage to explore the majesty of Iceland or Greenland. Step aboard the MV Balto, a luxury expedition vessel crewed by a team of experts with decades of experience safely navigating Arctic waters. The vessel features spacious cabins with mahogany-paneled interiors, en-suite bathrooms, sauna, full bar, library, and dining room with meals prepared on-board by a private chef.

EAST GREENLAND: The Forbidden Coast Private Expedition

Experience a truly authentic wilderness expedition to the seldom visited coast of East Greenland on a safe, luxury expedition yacht. Cross the Denmark Strait to reach the virtually uninhabited east coast of Greenland, exploring Scoresby Sound, the longest fjord system on earth. Sailing on Zodiac landing crafts to explore and hike ashore, visit remote Greenland settlements and witness the mystical scenery featuring cathedral-sized icebergs led by an expedition leader who will take you on a real expedition.

ICELAND EXPLORER: The Land of Fire and Ice Bespoke Private Expedition

Experience Iceland’s untamed wilderness from the safety of your own private luxury expedition yacht for up to 12 guests. Explore Iceland’s remote scenic West Fjords, sailing on Zodiac landing crafts to hike ashore in the stunning natural wilderness of Hornstrandir nature reserve. Visit remote fishing villages, submerge in therapeutic volcanic hot springs, and visit Fagradalsfjall, Iceland’s newest active volcano.

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Secret Atlas is the home of small ship voyages that explore the world’s most remote locations in the Arctic, including Svalbard, Greenland, and Antarctica. Created by veteran explorers devoted to sustainability and slow travel, the bespoke small group adventures of Secret Atlas provide voyagers a truly experiential view of nature, while minimizing the impact on wildlife and the environment. Secret Atlas specializes in highly customizable expedition micro-cruises, photo tours, and luxury voyages aboard a fully staffed private vessel that can accommodate up to twelve guests. For those in search of the adventure of a lifetime, Secret Atlas delivers a transformational travel experience that revives the lost spirit of exploration.

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