Cocktail of the Week: Bee’s Knees featuring Fresh Victor Lemon Sour

This classic concoction combines the refreshing zest of Fresh Victor Lemon Sour with the smooth sweetness of honey and the floral allure of gin. It’s a truly buzz-worthy libation that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

History of the Bee’s Knees Cocktail
The Bee’s Knees cocktail has a fascinating history that dates back to the Prohibition era in the United States. During the 1920s and early 1930s, when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages were banned, people got creative with their concoctions to mask the less-than-stellar quality of the spirits available at the time.

In this time of speakeasies and hidden bars, the Bee’s Knees emerged as a favorite among the clandestine cocktail enthusiasts. Legend has it that the cocktail was born out of necessity, using ingredients like honey and citrus to mask the harsh flavors of bootlegged gin.

The name itself, “Bee’s Knees,” is a nod to the popular slang of the era, which meant “the height of excellence” or “the best.” And indeed, this cocktail became known as the bee’s knees for its exceptional taste and ability to transform lesser spirits into something truly remarkable.

Over the years, the Bee’s Knees has evolved into a timeless classic, loved for its simplicity and delightful flavor profile. Today, we celebrate this iconic cocktail by adding a contemporary twist with the vibrant and tangy Fresh Victor Lemon Sour. It’s the perfect marriage of traditional and modern, a testament to the enduring charm of the Bee’s Knees.

Chief Mixology Officer, H. Joseph Ehrmann

The Bee’s Knees, a Fresh Victor Craft Cocktail

Makes 1 glass


  • 3 ounces Fresh Victor Lemon Sour
  • 1.5 ounces Gin
  • 1 ounce 1:1 raw honey syrup*

Garnish, lemon twist
Glass, cocktail

* heat water and add an equal amount of hot water, by volume, to the amount of honey you have. Stir until dissolved and store in the refrigerator.

Shaker Method

In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients, fill the shaker with ice, shake well (to chill and dilute) and strain up in a 7-9oz cocktail glass. Add garnish and serve.

Build Method

In a glass full of ice, add all ingredients, plus 1.5 ounces of water (for dilution), stir gently, strain into a cocktail glass, garnish and serve

Non-Alcoholic Version

In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients, increasing the non-alcoholic components to account for the loss of liquid volume by the elimination of the alcohol. Fill the shaker with ice, shake well (to chill and dilute) and strain up in a cocktail glass. Add garnish and serve.

Mixologist’s Notes:

Fresh Victor Lemon Sour was designed slightly more sour than our other mixers in order to allow for the addition of liqueurs and syrups that will bring more flavor complexity to the drink, so 1oz of 1:1 honey syrup balances nicely in this recipe. If you find it too sweet, simply cut back the amount of honey syrup you use. We recommend using raw honey and paying the premium for good local brands, as that is what really helps support the survival of honey bees, (plus, raw honey has much more flavor and aroma).

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