Basil & Salt’s Holiday Moscow Mule

Pomegranates are in season October through February, making them both a  colorful and delicious addition to the holiday season. When choosing your pomegranate look for a deep color with a red to reddish-brown outer rind. If it’s ripe it will feel heavy for its size. It will keep chilled for 3 to 4 weeks if unopened. How to de-seed your pomegranate Using a paring knife, … Continue reading Basil & Salt’s Holiday Moscow Mule

Garden Party Perfect Summer Cocktails

Summer dreaming in late spring. It’s torture to have consistently warm temps so close and yet so far. This time of year they flirt mercilessly with us, flitting in out of the forecast, giving us just a tease and a taste of sun-filled days. While all of the recipes below have a refreshing air to them, I have a weakness for  Prosecco and I find drinking a delicious … Continue reading Garden Party Perfect Summer Cocktails

Cocktail Hour; Blushing Co-Ed by Shaun the Bartender

Warm days, a hot grill and a cool cocktail.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a late spring evening than relaxing in the back yard with one of Shaun the Bartender’s creative cocktails.  This delightful pre-prohibition cocktail is a bit more involved than most, but well worth the time.   He posts one each day, are you a subscriber yet?   Blushing … Continue reading Cocktail Hour; Blushing Co-Ed by Shaun the Bartender

Refreshing Rhubarb Cocktails

Heating up the grill for a night on the patio at my place, requires a spirit or two.  This week our flavor of choice is rhubarb and we were on the hunt for the best rhubarb cocktails out there.  Let’s kick off spring with a spirit or two…. Rhubarb Ginger Cooler by Cocktail Times Our first landing spot brought to a delightful concoction over at … Continue reading Refreshing Rhubarb Cocktails