basil & salt’s summer berry cocktail

A bottle of gin, a hot summer evening and great conversation create the most dazzling of cocktails. Join us in ushering out summer and bringing in fall with our Summer Berry Cocktail. Use all raspberry or blackberry purée or follow our lead and use equal parts of each. Cheers! Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into … Continue reading basil & salt’s summer berry cocktail

4 Refreshing Late Summer Cocktails

  Mother Nature holds her best bounty for late summer.  Whether you prefer the stone fruit’s juice dripping down your chin or blended into a thirst-quenching cocktail, the ripe peach is the belle of the ball. These dazzling Santa Margherita cocktails were served at the brand’s She Shed Event last week, where guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and experienced a variety of cooking demos from Top Chef … Continue reading 4 Refreshing Late Summer Cocktails

Ruby Rosé Granita

Summer is on its way and this sensuous delight should be on the menu. As happens every spring, “Rosé season” has been officially announced. Whatever that means. Everyone seems forget it is available throughout the entire year, although it is often labeled purely a spring or early summer sipper. The wine and the recipe below are delicious any time of year and are beautiful companions for the holidays, a … Continue reading Ruby Rosé Granita

Poolside Perfect Sparkling Summer Cocktails

Poolside Perfection: Sweet Sparkling Watermelon Few things shout out the coming of summer quite like the arrival of watermelon at your local grocer and farms. Refreshing and delicious, it’s the perfect fruit to eat by the pool and to add to your cocktails. Cool down this summer by the pool with Freixenet’s Sweet Sparkling Chill Out and Keep Your Cool, Sparkling Sorbet As we move deeper … Continue reading Poolside Perfect Sparkling Summer Cocktails

Sips of Summer with Pavan Liqueur de France

Hot summer days and warm summer nights are meant for sipping and catching up with friends. Whether your poolside, seaside or fireside, these sinfully delicious “sips of summer” will dazzle your senses and ignite your soul. The Pavan White Sangria is perfect for a warm summer evening on the porch chatting with friends and catching up on life. Cocina 214’s Orange Blossom Margarita is delicate … Continue reading Sips of Summer with Pavan Liqueur de France

Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer

We are back today and sharing the love of the grill.  Summer time is just around the corner and that means months of barbecue weather and we are collecting recipes! A cookout, barbecue, backyard party….whatever your best loved term for it is, is a fav of ours because of pre-prep time.  Most of the work is done the day before or the morning of, leaving … Continue reading Backyard Grilling; The Magic of Summer