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RTA Outdoor Living Introduces Innovative New MOKS (Modular Outdoor Kitchen System)

Summer is on its way and we are ready for backyard gatherings, family get togethers and cooking outdoors. One of the largest redesign trends this year is the backyard oasis and that includes the outdoor kitchen.

MOKS (Modular Outdoor Kitchen System). MOKS is a complete, ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchen that allows consumers to choose from various design layouts in one of six colors, then order, receive, assemble and ready for use all in just a week.

The cabinet panels and countertops are lighter weight and a key feature of the design are the interlocking channels, allowing for intuitive and quick assembly. Panels slide together and lock, providing optimal structural integrity and rigidity once the base unit is complete. 60 minutes, a screwdriver and two people are all you’ll need. Take a look here.

“To the millions of at-home chefs searching for a complete outdoor kitchen that is easy to order, assemble, and use ASAP, RTA understands your frustration at the lack of options. No one should have to compromise on superior quality or design for a quick-fix solution,” says Josh Brown, president of RTA Outdoor Living. “While most other outdoor kitchens take months to ship, due to major delays and backorders, RTA’s MOKS kitchens ship within a week, giving you outdoor-rated durability, a sleek, modern look and more time to enjoy it all summer long.”

How to Customize the MOKS Outdoor Kitchen

  1. Choose from a variety of layouts – including seven-foot and six-foot options in straight or “L” shaped configuration.
  2. Multiple appliance options – gas grills, double access doors, refrigerator, storage, pull out trash, sink and more.
  3. Select a cabinet color – Jet Black, Pure White, Navy Marine, Rubbed Bronze, Nordic Gray or Steel Gray.
  4. Upgraded key features are available.

Easy to Assemble and Built to Last

  • Designed for all-weather durability, no matter the climate or region.
  • Marine-grade composite cabinets are lighter weight and structurally sound.
  • Outdoor-rated solid surface countertops are made from advance composite material that fuses natural minerals and resin, creating a homogeneous and nonporous surface area.
  • Cabinet and countertop materials are also UV-resistant to color fade.
  • Engineered to withstand extreme heat, humidity, salty air, freeze-thaw conditions, extreme cold, snow and rain.
  • They will not warp, rot or crack.
All MOKS outdoor kitchens are built with high-quality materials, designed for all-weather durability, no matter the climate or region

Both the cabinets and countertops are low-maintenance—easy to wipe clean, and scratch and stain resistant. Solid surface countertops are also certified hygienic to the standard of commercial kitchens, for any germ concerns, and feature GreenGuard® Gold certification for environmental performance.

The Coyote grill and appliances are all 304 stainless steel—inside and out—and engineered for superior durability and longevity to match the outdoor kitchen unit.

RTA (ready-to-assemble) Outdoor Living was born from a desire to empower homeowners to create ideal outdoor spaces that encourage gathering and human connection. Our outdoor living features, manufactured in the heartland of America—Cambridge City, Indiana—achieve this purpose. At its core, RTA’s product line is a simplified alternative to outdoor masonry. Through this approach, we avoid the high costs associated with building outdoor kitchens from scratch. Our easy-to-install options make the luxury of an outdoor grill island attainable to everyone.  More information is available here.

Toss some chicken on the grill and raise a toast to summers last hurrah

trees-countryside-green-chill-largeThe summers last huge barbecue weekend is here and it brings to mind a myriad of things. Our last days of withering in the heat are behind us for the season, fall is in the air, days are already growing shorter and September means sharing neighborhood streets with the school bus. How many parents are doing the back to school dance?

This week our focus is building the menu for Labor Day weekend. Great recipes to throw on the grill, sides to add to the picnic cloth and delicious creations for the dessert table. We will examine beer trends that have peaked this summer and are heading your way for fall. Whipping up pitchers of cocktails are the best way to enjoy your guests, we will show you a few to try and we will give a guide of which wines pair best with which barbecue sauce profiles. it’s going to be a delicious week!

The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Fabulessly FrugalBest BBQ Chicken Kebabs ~ The first recipe in our arsenal comes from Fabulessly Frugal – these chicken kebabs have a secret ingredient that add smokiness to the meat without overpowering the flavor. Bacon paste/puree. Yes, you can make this at home.

Ingredients you will need to prepare these little beauties: Skinless chicken thighs or breasts, kosher salt, sweet paprika, smoked paprika, sugar, bacon and your favorite barbecue sauce.  Link to full recipe below.

Planked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs with Jack Daniel's BBQ SaucePlanked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs with Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce ~ These little gems are not only gorgeous, they caught our eye with their prep time of only 10 minutes. All of the work can be done before guests arrive, because the best part of entertaining friends and fam is being able to interact, catch up on life and raise a cold brew to toast the last hurrah of the summer season.

Ingredients list for these tasty bacon wrapped morsels: Cedar plank, boneless skinless chicken thighs, barbecue seasoning, thick sliced bacon, Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, your favorite barbecue sauce. Link to full recipe below.

Chicken Kebabs

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

BBQ Stands For…by Ginger Johnson

BBQ Stands For…  

Perhaps BBQ stands for Beer & Barbecue Quenches. Perhaps BBQ can mean Bring Beer Quickly! Whatever you want it to mean, this holiday enjoy the flavors of beer in tandem with your barbecuing adventures.  

BeerAs I look forward to being a special guest at the Toronto Festival of Beer in the Grilling Tent, my mouth waters with possibilities. See, life is not only your oyster – it’s your local brewery and farmers market! And it’s chock full of potential, ideas, and opportunity.   

So when you’re thinking about beer + BBQ this 4th of July, consider a few simple and tasty suggestions.  

  1. Barbecue sauce can reach new depths of flavor when you add a gorgeous Porter to the sauce. If you’ve got a cup of BBQ sauce you’ve made or bought, whisk in a quarter cup to give a new layer of flavor.
  2. If you’re planning to marinade – or beerinade as I’ve called it before – then factor in fresh beer. Chicken to grill? Include a soft cream ale, like Hale’s, into the mixture. Beef? A balanced pale ale, like Sierra Nevada, will do the meat justice. Veggies? A classic ESB, like Full Sail, will contribute nicely.  

Beer has a slight acidity that helps tenderize proteins while it simultaneously supplies seasoning. Also bear in mind that if you really like a crispy bitter IPA, you must exercise caution when cooking with them. The heat of cooking will greatly amplify and make the beer especially bitter since it’s cooking out water, and not necessarily in a good way.  

Cheers to beer, BBQ, and a great safe cooking adventure. Do it often, invite friends over, and enjoy the summer!  

Till the next glass ~  


Try This Pairing: Beerinate mushrooms in that ESB for 1 – 2 hours along with some light olive oil, salt and pepper, then grill it for a couple minutes each side, medium heat. Careful not to scorch the mushrooms. The recipe is simple because you want to accent the umami, not overshadow it.   

Events:  The Beer Junction will be celebrating their 3rd Anniversary – and Schooner Exact has brewed a special early release of Hopvine IPA just for the event. Full details  – click here!  Get out and support your local brewer & beer shop.  

See, life is not only your oyster – it’s your local brewery and farmers market! And it’s chock full of potential, ideas, and opportunity.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at WomenEnjoyingBeer.com or Ginger@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com

Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Author:  Ginger Johnson

*ssssssss* *pop!* Mmmmmmmm…

Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Hot Grill, Cool Beer

Grilling is a special treat to me because it’s a very primal act. You get something raw, slap it on the grate over hot coals and cook. It’s simple, rewarding, and very basic.

Beer is in ideal partner in grilling pursuits in two ways. One as a food partner. With dozens of styles to match and complement foods, there’s a beer for every food. Pairing your grilled goodies with a complementary beer is all about intensity, like flavors and accenting. Just like when you add salt or vinegar or vanilla to a recipe. Beer’s the accent to really bring out the flavors.

The second way beer partners with grilling is as a beerinade (get it?!). Instead of a marinade, I’ve coined the word ‘beerinade’ in my kitchen. You can beerinade many things that will grace your grill grate. With its slight acidity to help tenderize, varied flavor additions, and ready access at markets and stores across the country, you can increase your grilling savvy and success by utilizing beer as an ingredient.

So once that grill is gleaming – and it’s time for me to clean mine too – plot the next flavor adventure with beer. I’d highly encourage you to use your grill, charcoal and gas, all year long. Having previously sold one major brand of grill, I can testify that some manufacturers (if not most) make their products to be enjoyed year round.

Meats, vegetables, fruits, breads. In addition to the standards tasties you may already grill, explore with a helpful cookbook focused on using your grill. I recently received a new grilling with beer book from some Canadian friends I’m eager to dive into. Certain brands like Weber have excellent choices to inspire, learn from, and follow for yummy success.

With a clean grill, fresh food ready to cook and a delicious beer at your fingertips, enjoy a grate meal regularly!

A caution: Be sure you learn how to properly, safely, and regularly clean your grill. Use only cleaning solutions that are food safe. Once it’s washed and dried, heating it up again will burn off any remaining residues and films. The last thing you want is to get sick or have your food tainted with toxic cleaning products. There are great ways to use very people and environmentally friendly cleaners, like vinegar and baking soda. Start by reading the manual that came with the grill, calling the manufacturer or look at smart and safe reputable cleaning sources online specifically addressing your kind of grill. Keeping it clean year round with periodic wiping, washing and scraping will increase the longevity of your grill and make for a more efficient cooking tool.

‘Til the next glass –


Grilling is a special treat to me because it’s a very primal act. You get something raw, slap it on the grate over hot coals and cook. It’s simple, rewarding, and very basic.

If you have questions about the beer industry, food pairings, speaking engagements and events, you can find Ginger at WomenEnjoyingBeer.com or Ginger@WomenEnjoyingBeer.com

Barry ‘CB’ Martin presents; America Grills!

America GrillsAmerica Grills! is for everyone who loves cooking and eating outdoors, from the beginner to the seasoned barbecue enthusiast. This stunning book was developed for Char-Broil, one of North America’s leading grill manufacturers, with primary recipes, cooking guidelines and tips sections by Barry CB Martin. America Grills! was edited by Lisa Kahn and published by Creative Homeowner. America Grills! will help you grill, barbecue, and cook appetizers, main courses, salads, vegetables and desserts that will have family and friends licking their fingers. More than 250 large color photographs illustrating the 225 recipes.

Barry Martin

Barry Martin

Barry ‘CB’ Martin has been described as a “curious-about-food” writer, TV Chef and Personable Motivational Speaker.  Whether you are hesitant or just inexperienced in the kitchen or outdoors on the grill, Barry will help you gain confidence in your skills to successfully cook tasty meals for your family and friends.  For more than 10 years, Barry has written about and demonstrated the basic techniques and methods of outdoor cooking to literally millions of people in numerous national television appearances and local cooking demonstrations.  In 2013 Barry is expanding his “menu” to include basic cooking skills that novice cooks can use indoors and outdoors.  Two online initiatives are underway to support this mission:  “Welcome to the Cookout!” and “Our Community Table”.    Both due to launch in April.

Connect with ‘CB’ on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BarryCBMartin

Buy the book: http://astore.amazon.com/mislauskit06-20/detail/1580112080