Rejuvenate your spirit with Sherri Dobay’s Daily Decadence

I received an email not too long ago, asking if I would take a look at a book and write a review.  I readily accepted simply on the title alone, “Daily Decadence the Art of Sensual Living”, by Sherri Dobay.  The title most certainly did not disappoint.  Can you fall in love with a book?  Yes, you can and yes, I did.

Like breaking the lock on a diary and reading about the most intimate thoughts and experiences, it’s a tantalizing, voyeuristic view in to her artists soul.  It doesn’t take long to fall into the mystic web she weaves around your senses, as she pays homage to all of the seasons and the bounty that flows from each one.

Immerse yourself in each seductive recipe, followed by an intoxicating wine pairing to enliven the senses that makes you yearn to fire up your stove or grill, pour a drink, cook, laugh, love.  As you ride along with her on a luxurious journey, you catch a secret glimpse into her natural world and you won’t want to put this book down until you have devoured it to the very last word.  This as a must read for anyone who is looking to discover their own inner decadence.

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Cover Art: Sherri Dobay
Photo: Greg Gorman

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